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Hockey Swindle Empty Hockey Swindle

Post by Sharaku on Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:11 pm

Character: Phoenix
Prompt: React to this:
Rika walks up to you out of the blue and demands (in a nice way) that you come hang out with him at the arcade. Everything is going well until you two get in a competitive game of air hockey. You are losing and he is pretty much rubbing it in your face. What do you do?
Word Count: However many it takes.
Extras: The arcade is full of people, but Rika is jumping for joy and acting like a kid because he has beaten you once already and is now leading the game by 3 points. He is pretty confident he has the three out of three games in his pocket and that deal for losers to pay for lunch is about to be your burden to carry.

~Hockey Swindle~

Is this what one would call a rough day? That would perhaps be the best general way to describe such an odd turn of events happening. For your typical everyday person, at least. Phoenix wasn’t exactly one of those ‘go with the flow of the crowd’ type of people, and he certainly didn’t mind a bit of tough game when it became necessary. One shouldn’t be fooled by his initial appearance which could suggest he just didn’t really give a damn about things besides chilling in his own space and mind bubble. The dog who barks doesn’t bite. But the quiet one just might. And probably take a chunk of you as a souvenir with him when he feels like leaving a mark.

Maybe he would do that later though. This childish blonde guy was actually mildly entertaining. The only reason why the red eyed one agreed to the request was simple curiosity, coupled with the idea that maybe he could stand to gain something from it. For whatever reason, the wonky guy looked to be pretty gullible with his outward actions. And well, even if he wasn’t, a bit of a game to fill up his day was just fine. He didn’t plan on making himself miserable, no matter how it went. Yeah, he could easily admit he sucked at random games, alright? He didn’t even know what the fuck air hockey really was before this. That was not the real point, however. All he’d need to do is find a way to turn a seeming loss into a win, right? That’s all there is to any game. Make your own rules and you’ll still win in some manner. Sounds easy, doesn’t it.

For the most of the commotion, Phoenix would stay quite chill, presumably not even bothered by the fact that he was losing horribly at this point. When the blondie kept taunting him in the face, he would just smirk to himself with a lazy wave of his hand. ‘’Dude, you’re boring. Is bragging all that’s on your mind?’’, he’d ask in a completely casual and conversational tone, as if he didn’t even pay mind to the fact that he could sound pretty rude about it. He was aware of the fact however. He just didn’t care enough to sugarcoat his opinion of this guy. Not like he knew the bloke or something. And hey, if he managed to offend and it turned into a brawl, at least he’d get some exercise in. A good way to stay in shape. Not like it would be his first fight either, so he knew his way.

Blinking at the current scoreboard, Phoenix would momentarily stick his hands in his pockets as he observed his hyper companion, wondering what kind of loony was he dealing with. Well, it was a source of entertainment, alright.

….but if the dude thought he was actually paying for something if he lost, then he’d be pretty sad…

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