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Of Cats and Shadows

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Of Cats and Shadows Empty Of Cats and Shadows

Post by Jonah Bradford on Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:38 pm

Of Cats and Shadows

:: Prompt Topic ::

After a long day spent at the amusement park, Jonah was, for once, exhausted. Most of his energy had been used during the day. Laughing, screaming, running around, playing games, doing some harmless pranks... all in the name of fun. So, now on his way home, he was slowly trotting down the street with a pink lolipop sticking out of his mouth. He didn't know exactly why lolipops were his favored piece of candy, nor did he really care. They tasted great, and that was good enough in his book.

Everything was rather quiet around him, with most people being asleep at this time of the day, so hearing someone, or something, knocking over a small, empty can of beer, caused the Shadow to turn around quickly. And that's when he found himself looking at the black, stray cat... that would never leave him alone... Not that he minded company much per se, but right now, he needed sleep, not something to cuddle with. And this wasn't the first time the two met. Nor would it be the last. Jonah gave a deep sigh of exasperation as the little black thing meowed at him loudly. "You never wanna leave me alone, do you?" His slightly tired gaze fell upon the stray cat, with an unreadable expression on his face. "Meow?" the scruffy stray responded, evidently a bit confused. "It's been a long day today, Scruffy. I really need some rest." As if the cat understood him. After saying his piece, the man continued on, only to hear the sad excuse of a cat meowing again, as it "sneakily" stalked him. Jonah ignored it to the best of his ability. It would only work for so long however, as with each time the weak meows reached his ears, it became harder and harder to ignore them. Finally, he couldn't ignore the little one, as the meows eventually nagged at him too much. "You've never been this chatty before..." The green-haired shadow picked up the cat, looking at it from an arms length away. "Is there something wrong?" He asked. The little black devil in his hands responded with a loud "Meooooow! Murble...." looking quite distraught. Or was he just imagining that? Did animals have proper facial expressions that reflect their feelings? Jonah knew that dogs wagged their tail when they were excessively happy (He knew from personal experience, being a dog in his true form), but what the crud did cats do? "Are you broken somewhere, scruffy?" The cat would just look back at him silently. "I honestly don't get you. What do you want from me? Talk? Food? Shelter? I'll give you any of it so long as you can stop stalking me for the night." He was fairly certain that the cat couldn't actually understand what he was saying, but... he liked talking sometimes. Perhaps he's just insane? Hard to tell, since he could be both rational and irrational frequently in his thoughtprocesses.

After some internal debate, Jonah decied to bring the little rascal home, at least for the night. Sure, he might not be the best man on earth, but this cat had certainly caught his attention... Maybe just one night would solve the issues... if not, it would most certainly make them worse. Much worse.  Of course, it being a stray cat, could really use a bath... it positively reeked, and he wouldn't want Scruffy here to decorate his furniture and floor muddy pawprints. Now, that in itsef was a struggle... getting the little bastard to bathe... Scratches and lots of pain ahoy! But hey, at least the little guy might feel a bit better, which made this a fun, and interesting challenge. If nothing else, this might just scare the cat away. So it was a win-win deal...

Phoenix wrote:Prompt: A dirty stray cat won't stop following you wherever you go ~
Word Count: 600 + pls?
Jonah Bradford
Jonah Bradford

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