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Entry #2: Purification

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Entry #2: Purification Empty Entry #2: Purification

Post by Rika on Sat Aug 20, 2016 4:33 pm

Aria and Rumbus stood on a cliff overlooking the location that the priestress had been called to purify. While the two guards were always ready to defend their lady no matter the danger, today they did not wear smiles of confidence and excitement. Instead they wore frowns of displeasure as their eyes study the location ahead. They would stand in silence for many long minutes before the woman in red and spoke to her companion. Her voice was low and laced with displeasure.

Entry #2: Purification KQaFv4c
"I do not like this. We should be accompanying her like always."

The woman in blue would sigh lightly at what she heard as a hand went to her chin. Her voice was soft and gentle despite her concern as she spoke.

Entry #2: Purification LIsYgNW

"This is very uncomfortable; however, in order for her to become a master of her work, we must put our faith in her and allow her to do purification on her own."

Rumbus would bite her nail dissatisfied with this answer

Entry #2: Purification KQaFv4c
"I know, but..."

Aria would rest her hand on the other’s shoulder and give her a gentle smile.

Entry #2: Purification LIsYgNW

"Just have faith and trust. She will come back."

The more serious woman would look at her companion with an unreadable expression and then nodding, she would look back at the decaying landscape ahead. The outlook for the priestress looked grim, but as her companion had said they needed to believe and have faith in the woman. The priestress could do this. She had too.

On the lower levels of the rolling landscape the two guards watched over, Eva would stand on the thin narrow path with a large arching gate before her. Behind her the sun shinned down on a land rich with life and joy, while before stood a world drenched in darkness and sickness being held back by a thin barrier set up by a local shaman to keep the curse from spreading further. The barrier was strong, but was barely containing the curse which grew more and more powerful by the day. This curse was the reason she had been summoned out here. They needed a priestress to purify the land and she had been the recommended one. Though why that had been the case was a mystery to her. She was by far not the best and to be frank was still new at the job...and yet out of all the choices given, she had been requested specifically by the shaman who had put up the barrier.

Standing a few feet before the gate, she would look back at the small shrine that the old man sat outside of already praying for her safe return. She was told in order to purify the land she had to go in alone into the world of darkness before her. A scary task on its owns since her guards were always nearby to protect her. Now she would have to rely on a newly acquired power- summoning- to make it through this. Though she wondered with her being a new summoner would the creatures even come to her call in that darkness?

Turning back to the gate, she take a deep breath before moving forward to step through the gate and into the darkness.
San Beck Coast

The temperature would drop from warm to cold. The sky from bright to dark and moody. The very atmosphere around her was draining and heavy as dark whispers surrounded her and threatened to push her over the edge. The burden placed upon her as a priestess was never so heavy, but even so, the young woman would force herself to hold her head high as she walked upon the brittle path of dead earth, her flats crunching unreasonably loud against the suffering earth. Faces appeared in the dark air and the foul wind pulled maliciously, yet gently at her body and hair as whispers and strange figures tried to lead her off the path. Staying strong, she continued to move heading down the path towards the shores of dark waters.

Once on the beach, dark colored eyes would scan the beach that gave off a sad air until they found the source of the problem. It was a sunken ship far out in the ocean that sat in a circle that was undisturbed by water. From its beached location the ship radiated the darkest waves of energy causing them to sweep across the black waters and mix with the foul wind. As one of those dark waves slammed into her, the priestress felt as if her knees would buckle and she would fall to the ground. So much negativity and hate. Could she really calm the spirit that caused that?

Uncertainty aside, she would stay on her feet and do her best to clear her mind as she forced herself to stand up straight once more. She needed a way to cross over to the ship. Right.

Taking a few steps back, she would close her eyes as she clasped her hands before her. Whispering ancient words, she would begin to call upon the power within her. At first nothing happened, but then slowly, but surely the wind picked up around her and fragile light would begin to grow and surround her. The light would rise up and form into a ball in front of her which she would then toss towards the heaven. The light shot up breaking the dark clouds briefly before being swallowed up again. After that? Nothing.

The world remained dark and negative. Cold and without emotion. Opening up her eyes and looking up at the sky, Eva wondered if the gods found her unworthy still to answer. Maybe she shouldn’t have taken on this task. Maybe she should just…

No! That was the negativity of the area getting to her. While she was inexperienced, she could do this. After all if she gave up on a purifying task, then there was clearly no hope for her in the future.

As if sensing her resolve, there would be a loud rumble before the earth trembled and the water bubbled. From under those dark waves, a being of pure light would rise its spiny back from the waves. With a groan, a large serpent like head with whiskers upon its lips would raise up out of the water with a deep hum before the head was coming down to the earth to rest at her feet. It was a dragon of light, its body stretched out and shimmering in the blackness of the water. It was creating a bridge of light for her to the ship.

Feeling relieved, she would approach the dragon giving it a gentle hug of appreciation before pausing to take off her shoes. Stuffing them in her belt, she would then reach out and grabbing a hold of those scales. She would clamber up the side of the dragon taking note of how warm it felt until her feet were firmly planted on the top of the creature’s head. Being gentle, but quick, she would move along the smooth scales as the waters churned and beat the creature that held that darkness at bay. She wasn’t sure how long it took, but soon she was at the end of that long dragon. Being sure to place her shoes on before leaving the dragon, she would hop down onto the white sands laced with dark veins that the ship rested on. As she landed with a light "umph", she would stand up as she looked all around.  High waters stood pushed back by some force from the ship and the reek of salt and death surrounded the area. Between the smell and the vibe the place gave most would be sick or going insane by now; however, Eva stayed strong as she dismissed the dragon of light. With a sigh, the creature would vanish leaving her alone with the ship.

Walking to the ship, she would pick her way across slippery rocks and death until she found her way into the old ship via a hole in the bottom of it. Being careful not to get cut on the wood, she would make her way into the ship. In time, she came out onto damp, solid wood. A heavy fish scent would mix in with already the horrible perfume of the area, making her stomach turn as she continued forward. She would go through a room of old barrels and forgotten treasure until she found her way barred by doors with a dark seal upon it.

Reaching into her robes, she would pull out a few slips of paper. Holding them in a fan like formation, she would mutter a small prayer that would cause the papers to glow with purple energy. Once this happened, she would toss the slips at the barrier. With a dull slap, the papers would hit the barrier, snapping and popping as light and dark fought with each other. Then with a light sigh, the papers and the barrier would disappear with a soft sigh leaving her free to approach the doors.  

Getting a good grip on sea slick handles, the priestess would pull open the doors and enter the next section. The next section of the ship required her to climb up some platforms that forced her further and further upward into the deceivingly large ship. Her travels would be somewhat easy until she came to the room of broken cat walks and ghastly hands. To this new issue, she would pause to consider her options before calling upon her powers once more to summon a creature. Unlike the dragon before, the creature she summoned now was a golden monkey with white wings. While it mostly stayed on her shoulder, she would use the creatures to fetch far off items or to carry her across gaps she could not jump.

When she was safely across this room and at the proper door, she would dismiss the summon before entering the next room. Upon entering this room, the ship that had creaked and groan up until now would become quiet as before her stretched a vast empty room surrounded by creepy oriental dolls and bones. Between the silence and the heavy negativity here, Eva knew she had reached the spot she needed to be in to begin the purifying process.

Nodding inwardly, she would move to the center of the room, making sure to summon a guardian just in case something should attempt to stop her. As she walked a shadowy figure would move off of her before forming into a black knight that followed her to the center of the room. As she sat down at the center of the room, the summoned knight would face the room and watch it for threats as she began to pray. At first the process would start out smoothly, but then the spirit within the ship would begin to react. Hissing and cursing, it would use its negativity to summon the undead to attack the praying priestress. Never hesitating, the knight would go into action to defend its master while Eva herself faced a different sort of battle.

Within her mind, she was face-to-face with a hideous creature that snarled and bare fangs at her. The more she prayed, the anger the creature became until it began assaulting her mental self with attacks of its own. While her knight protected her body on the physical plain. It was clear from the way sweat began to appear on her face or the way her body trembled that battle within was a great one. For an unknown period of time, the knight and the priestress fought their battles until finally with a screech unlike any other, the darkness within the ship would make one last effort to consume the priestress. Gathering up into a great ball, it would hurl itself at the woman only to be blocked by the knight that took the blow head on.

While the blow greatly weakened the knight, the creature did not fall completely as he used his sword to remained propped up as the priestress finally ended her prayer. Feeling exhausted, she would get try to get to her feet, but would wobble and almost fall. The knight while injured would move to catch her in armored arms.

Pushing off the knight slightly, she would open her mouth to thank him, but would find the words not coming out as the ship began to shake and the sound of rushing water could be heard. Picking up his strength, the knight would dismiss his sword and without her command, scoop the priestress up in his arms, holding her like a child in his right arm before moving. Not expecting this, she would gasp as the knight began to move with unnatural speed out of the room and up the various siding of the ship. While he slipped and almost fell once, the knight never let her go as he busted his way through the ship’s upper deck pulling them out into a storm of chaos. Unable to see, the priestress held on for dear life as the knight climbed up the mast of the ship and then keeping her secured with his own body actually spoke.

“Call upon the wind spirit to escape!” he would tell her as he struggled to keep his grip on the wood of the mast that rocked wildly in the storm.

“The wind spirit? But I don’t have a pact with her.”

“Call her!”

“But --”

“Goddess, I cannot hold on much longer, so please call her..."

At this soft plea from the knight, Eva would nod as she closed her eyes and began to chant the ancient words of the wind prayer unsure how this was going to solve anything when she and the spirit did not have a pact. She prayed and prayed, but the wind spirit did not seem to answer. Then just when she was about to give up, she heard a gentle whisper in her head and then a warmth surrounding her as the knight pulled her closer and into  light. From there she did not know what happened as her vision went blank and her senses were lost.


San Beck Coast

Some time later, the priestress woke to the sounds of gentle waves. Opening her eyes, she would sit up and for the briefest moment see a spirit watching her with gentle eyes. Recognizing the face of the wind spirit, Eva would find her self in mild shock as the spirit bowed to her and then in a wave of cherry blossoms she would vanish, the petals washing across the now clean ocean. Getting to her feet, the priestress would scan the area taking note that the place was now healed. The ship out in the ocean was gone and the negativity that was once there destroyed. She had done it. She had completed her first purification task, placing her one step closer to becoming a full preistress.

"Lady Eva!"

She heard her name called and looked over to see the old man and her two guards coming towards her. With a smile and feeling a bit lighter on her feet despite exhaustion, she would shift from her spot and head over to meet them.

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