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Theft doesn't pay off

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Theft doesn't pay off

Post by Jonah Bradford on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:57 am

One lousy monday afternoon, Jonah was on a walk home after buying some precious candy. In his right hand, he held a bag full of lolipops and other delectable sweets, while in his left, he held a small lolipop, which he began sucking on shortly afterwards. His expression was mostly dull, almost tired to a degree, as his unmotivated gaze scanned the environment around him. Evidently not that well, considering a man managed to bump into him, causing the two men to topple over in a colorful cascade of wrapped candies and lolipops. "Grr... Watch where you're walking, jerk." The green-haired man replied in a rather snappy manner, getting back up on his feet. The other man excused himself, and left shortly after. It was then that Jonah realised... the man had taken his wallet. "What the fuuuck..." The man groaned before he took off, pursuing the other man. The chase lasted for about a minute before Jonah managed to corner the theif in an alleyway. "Did you know that stealing is bad, fuckface?" The shadow asked, his facial expression being very difficult to read. Before the theif could reply, or even react, he was tackled do the ground, with the green-haired punk kneeling over him. He raised his fist. "You fucked up my sweets, and then you steal my wallet. I'm in a bad mood now. So... I guess I'll just let it all out on you."


The cracking noise of his fist crushing the other man's nose was satisfying, as his fist and it's target were painted in red. He'd keep up this process until the man was knocked unconscious, listening joyfully to his victims screams of agony with each strike... Once he passed out, the Shadow stood up, and took his wallet back, before spitting on the guy's forehead. "That's what you get for fucking up my monday." And with very little else to say, he left. Such a bad waste of candy... and his hands needed cleaning now. Whoops.
Jonah Bradford

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