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Of Dolls, Imaginary Friends, and Birds -Rika

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Of Dolls, Imaginary Friends, and Birds -Rika Empty Of Dolls, Imaginary Friends, and Birds -Rika

Post by Rika on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:36 pm

Note: This is what happens after literal days of rain IRL. This doesn’t have to be responded to though if one wanted to try and interact with Rika one-on-one I am up for continuing this (in another topic). For now, I am just going to be adding onto this to explore this one a bit more. I will probably put one up for Tamiki also. Enjoy.


It came down in buckets and splashed against the streets and the rooftops of homes. It was bad weather to be caught in, so most stayed in; however, there was one person that was out on such a horrible day.

Dressed in all white, Rika wore a pair of pants, white boots and a thin vest that did nothing to cover his chest or flat belly. The clothing was tailored to his form moving with him like a second skin as he moved along the streets at a casual pace. His hair was worn loose and his face typically covered in make-up was surprisingly mostly clear of it, though he did where a small bit of make up under his eyes, but nothing more as he continued to move on in the storm.

He liked the rain. It always calmed him and the put the others within that liked to talk with him on sunnier days to sleep. Rainy days always gave him a nice break from the usual chaos of his mind and gave him space to himself that he usually did not have. On days like this, he liked to walk around even though “mother dear” threw fits at him walking in the rain, claiming he’d catch a cold; however, he already knew the real reason she didn’t want him getting sick. She’d lose her precious star for a bit if that happened and that was just a sin on its own, wasn’t it?

He would sigh inwardly at that one. Life had some...unpleasant curveballs for him...and his sibling and to be honest the more he pondered said balls the more moody he became. So instead of souring his rare day of peace, he would shove the thoughts aside as he turned a corner and began to head towards a small shop at the end of the street.  Once at the shop, he’d step under the low hanging cover.

Standing out of the way of any guests that wanted to come in, Rika stay mostly outside taking the moment to ring out his hair a bit before pushing it back over his shoulder and then sweeping a hand through the bangs to shove them back, he would leave his hair semi messy and wild.

Once done, he would walk over the threshold and into the store being careful to not to track too much as he looked around the gloomy place that was surrounded by dolls of all types. As he was staring at a particular blue eyed one a voice spoke to him from behind.

“Ah you have returned,” the voice began low and cracked. “Have you come to find another collection piece?”

The blonde would smile lightly at this as he turned to face the old woman that had appeared behind the counter.

“Nah. No victims today just visiting a nice place,” he would state in soft tones. The old woman behind the counter would chuckle lightly.

‘Well you stay as long as you want, my dear. Make yourself at home,” she would say.

“Mmm. Thank you,” was the soft response back. Smirking a bit, the woman would shake her head as she shuffled back to her seat.

“And they say you have no manners,” she would say amused before sitting down and picking up her work on a doll once more. To this, Rika would say nothing as he took to observing the dolls on display for a bit longer. He would pick up one with closed eyes and red hair from the display before wandering to the window. In the gloomy light from the window, he’d observe the doll quietly reflecting how much he and that doll had in common. So very, very much.

...So what made a human different from a doll huh?

An odd thought, but one he would ponder as he moved a hand to brush a piece of the doll’s hair away from her peaceful face.

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Of Dolls, Imaginary Friends, and Birds -Rika Empty Re: Of Dolls, Imaginary Friends, and Birds -Rika

Post by Rika on Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:51 pm

The thoughts of dolls would continue to plague Rika’s mind for the 10 minutes he stayed in the store before placing the doll back. The thought would continue to bug and follow him when he bidded the store owner farewell and went back into the rain. He had hoped the rain could literally wash away the thoughts, but with no voices to devour it the dark thoughts remained causing the blonde to reflect upon himself and his life as he continued to walk.

He and his brother…they did not belong to that woman they called mother. No their real mother had long since passed and the woman who pampered them now was some stranger that had snatched them up for her own purposes. Now that he thought on it, outside of a few pictures here and there, it was becoming quite hard to remember exactly what their real mother looked like. Her face always became blurred when he tried to focus on it…though whether this was because of his own mind slipping or something else he wasn’t too sure. He just knew that he did not love the woman who did raise them.

She took care of them yes…but at the same time she was manipulative and trained them in a fashion that in the end the one benefiting from it all was her. They made her money, took out her problems…kept her floating high. In turn, she gave things. Lots of things and maybe if he was a person that could be content with just things maybe….just maybe life would’ve been better, but alas that was not the case.

Rika did not need things for things could not take away the voices, bring happiness…or erase the deeds himself or his brother had done for that woman. No things couldn’t erase stains like that or free one from a prison. He wanted nothing more than to get away from it all…the woman that trained them to be like this, the imaginary friends, the whispers…the hollow feeling within. He wanted it all to end and at times when he hit a low he contemplated the ways he could do said thing, but remembered not to act upon any of it. As much as he’d like to escape it all, he always remembered the one thing in life that kept him from being rash: his brother.

He was the only person that actually truly understood him and saw him as not just a thing to use, but a person. When Rika thought on how much it would hurt the other if he were to just leave in any fashion, the blonde’s heart would feel like it was being crushed. The last thing he wanted was to hurt the only person he truly loved in this world, so as much as he disliked it, he would pull himself back up and face off against the insanity that was his twisted and tainted world and mind. He had to…even if it was getting harder and harder to do each time.

He honestly felt like he was breaking and if he knew it wouldn’t cause concern maybe he would’ve reached out to his brother by now about this problem…but he couldn’t do that. He was already enough trouble for the other, so why bring him into his own messes too? He could at least handle this one, right?

The blonde would sigh lightly as he continued to walk, his golden eyes moving to the damp pavement when no answer to that one came. He didn’t know if he could handle it on his own for long, but who could he share his secret with if not his own sibling? Was there anyone out there that he could trust with such knowledge? There were doctors and such sure, but that brought him back to the problem of his brother finding out let alone that heartless woman… and he did not, absolutely did not want her involved in what was he to do? Was there anything he could do outside of what he did now? Was he doomed to suffer?

It was hard to say and even more depressing to think of. He tried to push the thoughts away as he continued to walk, his feet taking him further away from home and towards a relatively quiet park in town. Finding himself in the familiar area surrounded by trees, Rika would drift towards the center of the park where a large and ancient weeping willow rested. It was his favorite go to tree when he wanted to be alone to think or simply relax, so it was no wonder he gravitated towards the tree now for some form of comfort. Sliding easily under its low hanging branches, some of the rain would be blocked out as he entered the semi-dry world this tree created.

Moving to the trunk, he would find a good foothold to actually climb the tree not really caring if his clothing got dirty in the process. He would continue to climb the tree, the activity giving him something to place his mind on outside of depressing thoughts. He would continue to climb until he found a nice landing to rest on and then getting comfortable in the spot, he would eventually settle against the branches, keeping himself well balanced as he relaxed in the tree and did what he could to simply push away the negativity for now. Though how successful he would be he would not know, but for now he simply tried.

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