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Wandering - Tamiki

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Wandering - Tamiki Empty Wandering - Tamiki

Post by Rika on Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:42 pm

Note: This is just like the Rika thread.. I may add onto this just for the heck of it to expand on this. It is designed to explore who Tamiki is and if someone wants to RP it out with me, then let me know. For now, it will remain here though.

Despite the sun being high in the sky and the sky blue, the temperature outside was cool and pleasant. As a result of such good weather, many had come outside to enjoy the pleasant air by participating in various activities ranging from picnics to exercising to simply chilling with a friend or family members. It was simply that perfect of a day. So perfect that a particular dark haired male was actually outside for changed rather than inside playing a game or doing other activities to avoid the noise and annoyances that came with being outside and around people.

Dressed in a pair of black pants, black boots, a loose white top, and his favorite black jacket lined with white fur, Tamiki walked down the street with an easy enough gait though internally he was highly uncomfortable. You see, this was a rare time he was actually without his other half. While he could get along just fine without the more energetic blonde nearby, he had to admit he felt a lot better with his brother at his side.

He couldn’t explain it, but he just felt more normal that way, but then again maybe that was because he and his brother were rarely apart. Maybe it was anxiety eating at him or maybe some other insecurity. Whatever it was he tried not to let it get him too down as his golden eyes scanned the sights around him looking for something that he wanted to do.

The mall? No. The Corner Store? No. The club? No. This? That? No. No. Everywhere he looked he found himself not wanting to do anything in the usual spots on his own. It would be no fun without his partner in crime, so he would simply have to find something he was okay doing by himself. But what was that? He pondered this as he continued moving down the street not really paying attention to where his feet was leading him.

He would continue to wander lost in thought, not really coming back to reality until he noticed that unexpectedly he was in semi-silence. Pausing on the path he was walking on, Tamiki would blink as refocused on his surroundings and looked around.

Where….where was this? The houses in the area looked unfamiliar and were so run down that honestly, he would never have come this way if he was paying attention. Though…since he was over here, he suppose he could explore a bit. You know learn a bit about how people on the other side of the fence lived? That sort of thing.

More curious than concerned about something bad happening, Tamiki would place his hands in his pockets and begin to walk again at a slower pace than before. He would let himself soak up this more run down style of life as his eyes caught snippets of life here and there. A thin dog barking at anything that passed by the yard with the broken fence. A child dirty, but happy playing a game of soccer with his friends using a can. A lady hanging her damp clothes on a clothesline so crooked it was amazing it didn’t collapse. All these scenes were unfamiliar to the young man who had always had everything handed to him on a silver platter. He guess he could at least be thankful for that and yet while he didn’t quite understand why or how these people could function in such bad condition, he found himself wondering if he could actually do that on his own if placed in such a position. Now that he thought of it. If he were to loose everything material wise could he survive? He wasn’t sure, but he did know one thing: he was surprisingly relaxed and comfortable in this place.

While he was in the more familiar parts of town surrounded by all those people and things, he found himself wired with high anxiety on his own, but here in a spot he should perhaps be worried? He felt calm and almost happy. Like he was always part of this world he didn’t know about. It was indeed strange, but that is how it felt.

He wondered if he brought Rika with him would the other feel the same. Or even if a world such as this one would accept Rika’s unique condition. As if to answer his question, he heard the patter of running feet from behind and turned slightly to see the source…only to be collided into a second later by something small and warm. Before he could recover or even get angry at this, said small thing would wrap tiny arms about him as it spoke.

“I found you!” Was the happily muffled voice that came from near his belly.

Eh? What was this?

Tamiki would blink a couple of times as his eyes did their best to focus on what was holding onto him. It appeared to be a little girl in a dirty nightgown, no shoes, and the wildest red hair he had ever seen. As he took in her olive colored skin and dirty appearance, he had half the mind to gently push her off him, but just when he was thinking to act on the thought, the kid looked up at him…and that was all it took to wipe away the desire to get away from her.

The green eyes that looked up at him were full of joy and innocence, but also held a certainly amount of oblivion that could only be picked out by someone who dealt with and took the time understand the more unique cases in life. Her eyes were like Rika’s and maybe that was why even if they were complete strangers, Tamiki found himself relax a bit more as he gave her a light smile.

“Yeah you found me alright, but why were you searching for me?” he would ask deciding to just go along with whatever this was. It couldn’t hurt to do so right?

To his words the child would grin as she continued to look up at him.

“I gotta show you the secret place,” she would respond back easily enough.

Tamiki would raise an eyebrow at this.

“A secret place, huh?” he would repeat quite curious what said place was and why of all the people around she had come to him. Was it because he was the only one not with someone or doing something important that she came up to him? Or was she a person that target whoever on a whim? Hmm. Maybe he would ask later. For now it looked like the kid had other plans.

“Yush! The secret place,” she would say as she back away slightly with a giggle. She shifted in her spot and grabbed his hand. As she held his hand, she would begin to move tugging his hand lightly for him to follow. Not resisting much, the older male would let the kid lead him down the street, down a small alley, out a back gate, and into some pretty uneven pathways that wound their way out of the residential area and out into fields of grass that was knee high for himself and waist high for the kid that guided him.

They would go through this field of gold until they found an old fence which the child would move along until she found a break in it. While she could crawl under said break easily, Tamiki had to find a safer way over lest he ruin his clothing or risk cuts from the old fence. The child was quite amused watching him look for a lower part of the fence to hop over and when he did find one and rejoined her, she would giggle and clap before grabbing his hand again and leading him further out into the fields beyond.

As they moved the landscape began to slope upward and the grass became taller as it shifted from gold to green the further they  travel. They would travel for an unknown amount of time until finally they reached the top of the hill they were climbing. A bit more out of breath than the kid, Tamiki would take a moment to catch his breath as the kid let go of his hand and ran to the other end of the hill. She would look out at something and then giggling she would turn to him and wave him over.

“Look! Look!” she would call pointing excitedly at what she saw. “The fairies are here today!”

“Fairies?” Tamiki responded back with a small perplexed frown. The little girl would nod and point at whatever it was she was looking at some more. Straightening back up, Tamiki would walk over to her side to see what it was she was talking about only to find himself quite shocked at what he saw.

On the other side of the hill was a field of rainbow colors as ever wild flower imaginable seemed to gather. The fairies the little girl was speaking of was the abundant butterflies that flew in that field as they sought nectar. It was quite the sight honestly. Very nice.

“Let’s go dance with the fairies!”

“Eh? What? You want to go play in that field with the butter…” he caught himself and shook his head. "I mean the fairies?” he asked looking over at her as if she was indeed nuts. To this she nodded with a grin.

“Mhm! The fairies will love you too. Come on! They’ll be happy to meet you!” she would say happily.

Oh god no. Not with bugs. Quick! He had to think of something to avoid this. Uh. Uh. Oh!

“Umm..How about you go on ahead and I stay up here?” he said trying to remain cool about the situation and not flip out. However, she must’ve caught something in his voice because the next thing he knew she was giggling as a small hand went to cover her lips.

“You are scared of fairies, aren’t you?”

“W-well.. I..” He’d fumbled for words as he looked away from her a bit flustered. How embarrassing. He really hated this aspect of himself. Honestly why did it always have to be bugs? Even when he knew for a fact said bugs were everywhere and wasn’t even thinking about him, he always flipped when forced to face them head on…No matter how harmless they were.

While he typically avoided showing this weakness due to staying inside or avoiding areas heavily populated with said invaders…sometimes….he just couldn’t avoid a close encounter and when that happened…well….

“It is okay.”

It was the kid’s voice. It was soft and calm causing to Tamiki to look over at her from the corner of his eye. She was giving him a smile and gaze that seemed way too understanding for someone her age.

“Don’t worry. Mimi will be with you, so you don’t have to be afraid. Trust, Mimi?” she would ask gently before holding her small hand out to him before becoming quiet to wait for a response.

For a few second, Tamiki didn’t say anything as he unconsciously gave her the same gaze he typically gave his brother when faced with going with him through something that made him uncomfortable. And much like his brother, she seemed ready to accept whatever answer given. The similarities were uncanny to say the least, and yet….

He would look from her to the field beyond with all those butterflies. He wasn’t looking forward to that.. but maybe he could bare with them a bit…or at least try. He suppose if all else failed he would freeze and retreat when they got closer, but for now…for now he would try.

Sighing inwardly, his shoulders would slump a bit as he gave in.

“…Well…I suppose trying to meet the fairies won’t hurt,” he said as he gave her a lightly moody look of reluctance; however, he would take her hand. “You best be prepared to defend me should they attack,” he would say in a mock demanding tone causing the little girl to laugh.

“But of course Mimi will keep you safe all the way!” she would say confidently and then without another word she would lead him towards the field and those butterflies….

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Wandering - Tamiki Empty Re: Wandering - Tamiki

Post by Rika on Sun Aug 28, 2016 5:38 pm

Being forced to face his fear was quite the ordeal for the dark haired male that typically portrayed himself as tough and fearless. It was quite comical watching the little girl comforting him and encouraging him when his courage gave out to continue down the hill and into the field of butterflies. The nearer they got to the field the more it looked like Tamiki would cry, but by some miracle he held back those tears and the urge to pull away and run back up the hill to safety.

Tamiki understood that the anxiety and panic he was feeling over insects was illogical. He understood he was a giant and could crush them all. He understood that. He knew he could win in the end and honestly had nothing to worry about when it came to butterflies, but even knowing this did not change the fact that something within caused his skin to crawl and the flight instinct to kick anytime he was near a bug dangerous or otherwise. It didn’t make sense and it was infuriating to boot. He should be able to overcome this and maybe it was that rebellion that made him forces his legs to move and inch slowly, but surely into that field of butterflies.

He managed to make a good show of it for sure and even got a little ways into the flowers. He was doing well up and actually thought that he could handle the situation…that was until Mimi let go of his hand and wandered just a little ways from him. As she did this all the courage he had left him as he froze in his spot and his heart began to race as his eyes darted here and there to the flitting bugs around him. Some part of him knew that he was okay and nothing was going to harm him, but that illogical side of him was telling him to get the hell out of dodge. He honestly wanted to run, but now his legs were not listening as he stood rooted to his spot, terrified to move.

Thanks to being still, the “fairies” thought it was a good idea to attempt to land on him. As a beautiful monarch made its way towards him and landed on his shirt, Tamiki felt every hair on his body stand on edge as he looked at the creature that rested peacefully on him. He wanted to brush it off, but couldn’t bring himself to do it as he simply stared at the creature as in despair.

And you know what made this even better? A second butterfly decided to land on him this time on his chest right under his left shoulder. Between panic and having not one, but two butterflies on him, his legs gave out and he went down. Somehow the impact of him falling failed to chase the butterflies away as they remained firmly in their spots resting. He wanted to cry, even more so now that a third had landed on his knee.

This was it. This was how he was going to die. He was going to die smoother by these winged creatures. It was all over. He might as well sub—. Huh?

A giggle broke through the despair causing the dark haired male to look up towards the source with a dazed look. As his eyes landed on the wild haired kid, it took a good two seconds to remember who she was. He was that much lost in his fear. He had nearly forgotten she was here. However, seeing him looking over at her she would try to wipe the grin off her face.

“You know, you don’t have to look like you are about to die. The fairies aren’t going to eat you and actually Mimi would say you are pretty lucky. You have three of them on you! That is more than Mimi ever got to land her. Mimi always gets one!”

The girl seemed proud, but Tamiki wasn’t getting it. How was this lucky? He was literally collapsed thanks to fear and pretty wimpy looking in front of kid that happened to be a girl to boot! He much rather go through the ground than suffer from this humiliation any longer and yet he was still here faced with the issue. Still in despair, he would simply shake his head as he looked down trying not to stare at the butterfly on his knee. This was just…no.

There was a moment of silence between the pair and then he heard movement and looked back over at the girl. The little girl had kneeled down and was now looking at him. As she did this, a yellow butterfly landed on here hand. She would giggle before holding her hand up to show him the creature.

“You know what your problem is? You afraid to be afraid,” she would state as she looked over at him.

“What…?” Tamiki would ask giving her a blank look. What did she mean by that?

“You’re afraid of being afraid. That is why you freak out and collapse like this. Your body gets too wound up and so you snap ‘cause you hold it back, but if you just let it out by crying or screaming, things wouldn’t get so bad when facing things that scare you and you’ll see the thing you are afraid of is not so scary any more,” she would say getting a confused look from Tamiki. He honestly wasn’t following the logic. Still smiling, she would shift in her spot causing the butterfly to fly off as she looked at the ground and then picking up a slug of all things, she grin at Tamiki.

Wait…what was she..?

“No!” The fearful yelp came out of Tamiki before he could stop it as he gathered all his strength to turn and scramble away from the girl. She was trying to put that thing on him?! Hell no! She was out of her fucking mind!

He would only scramble a few feet away before settling in the grass once more and looking over at the girl with a heated gaze as she stayed in her spot with a proud smile. In his fear of the uglier creature, Tamiki had failed to remember he was surrounded by butterflies or the fact that despite all the movement the monarch from before still rested on him, the other two had flown off when he made a run for it. Burning from fury, he would bare his teeth at the other.

“What the hell?!” he growled, huffing and puffing as he glared at the other. He did not like the maneuver, but girl was unphased by his anger as she chuckled.

“See? Isn’t it better now that you let it out?”

“How is this better?” he would ask still angry, but only got a quiet smile as the girl pointed to something on his shirt. Frowning a bit, he looked down to find the butterfly on him; however, unlike before he wasn’t scared of the creature. No…he much too wound up about the slug to be afraid of it anymore. In fact, despite his hand being trembling, he carefully move his finger closer to the butterfly and for the first time ever in his life let a bug crawl on him.

While it was an odd sensation as the butterfly sat on his finger, he found he wasn’t trying to get it off. Instead, he was using the very thing that caused this to calm down. It was odd, but the creature had suddenly became less of a problem in comparison to slugzilla the girl had found. Maybe…maybe this was what she was talking about before.


Contemplating what had just happened, Tamiki debated moodily about what to do. The kid was right about fear changing the board for ya, though the way she explained it was far off from how it actually worked. It was a confusing thing this ordeal for those not use to it, but for Tamiki this felt like familiar. His brother had done the same thing once before, but with something else that had bogged the dark hair male down.  Cruel as it was the method worked. He…wasn’t petrified of the butterflies anymore….so  supposed he’d have to thank her for that…

Watching the butterfly fly off, he would turn moody golden eyes to the girl as they sat across from each other.  She would just grin innocently at him.

“Tsk!” he would let out the annoyed sound as he turned to look away from her. He just couldn’t meet those eyes at this point. He didn’t do well when swallowing pride even if he was supposed to be the more mature of the two. So his next words came out a bit more awkward than usual as he watched the grass around him sway. He had to thank her in some way without having to say thank you. So what did that leave?


“So…are you gonna teach me how to dance with the fairies or what?” he would ask as he looked over at her from the corner of his eyes. To this the girl would give him a big grin as she hopped to her feet and came over to him suddenly excited by the idea.

“Of course Mimi will teach you!” she said as she reached out to take his hand.

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