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Post by Rika on Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:15 pm

It started as a simple task: take out a client. It was a common mission that Olivia often sent them on, so when given the task the creature did not question it. It simply saw it as a job to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. Eva had wanted to come along for the ride, but Jezabella refused to let her come. It did not want to expose her to its personal messes or the darker side of its life. Did not wish for her to become a destroyer like them. She had already suffered enough, so she should rest and not worry about them. It was simple logic and while unsatisfactory to the cat, in the end she had no choice, but to let them go alone.

On his own, he went to the location given to take out the man that had crossed mother. It should’ve been a simple kill, but instead it became a nightmare. The man that mother wanted dead had a secret he did not tell. He wasn’t human, but rather he was a travler that had come to Earth from another realm to get rich. He was a thief and had been eying Olivia’s little operation for a while. Saw her and what she did as competition and so seeking to be rid of said competition, he had attacked Olivia personally. Made her mad and wanting for revenge. However, he knew she would not come after him. He knew that he would send her pet Jezabella after him and that was the thing he wanted most.

He did his research well and drew them out. Drew them into the trap and once he had them there, he transported them to a tower where not only were they forced apart and could not fuse back together, but their powers were useless against the warriors he had there. His warriors had specialized weapons designed for ultimate pain and wore armor that absorbed whatever was thrown at them. The pair were tortured and then left to die in that cold, dimly lit place surrounded by water and an unstable ground. The location - a tower - was to be their tomb and so laughing the thief and his crew left. Victory was surely his now that Olivia no longer had her pet to protect or win riches for her. Yes. Now all he had to do was tear her business down. Or so that is what he thought as he left to celebrate before moving to the next steps of his elaborate plan.

...And to be honest as Rika sat there in that dimly lit place the blonde actually thought for a moment they were truly going to die. Tamiki was badly injured and out cold and as for himself, his body ached too much and his legs no longer worked. He was able to hold himself up sure, but that would probably cease to be a thing the moment the adrenaline stop rushing through his veins. They were in a bad state. No powers, no medical supplies, no escape. Without a hospital or some form, his other half would perish and if that happened then it was only a matter of time before he followed he assumed. Despite their ability they were one being were they not? Surely a half could not hope to survive for long...

Even if that was possible he would still technically be dead…He couldn’t see himself functioning normally as a half or at all for that matter. He saw himself as just existing and nothing...And being like that - unable to do anything - was much more scarier than just dying. No. He much rather just to die than suffer a fate like that. Selfish? Maybe, but Rika was not thinking of itself when it considered its options. It was the same way he thought on a bad day when he contemplate disappearing permanently from the world. He thought about the few around him and how such actions would impact them. Thinking of that helped him push through the dark to keep on living, so to be a burden on them as a half existence? No...It was better off dying and maybe this round death would actually claim him.

It was scary yet ironic. He could contemplate death easily enough, but when faced with it, he found he instinctively wanted to live. It was odd, but he much rather suffer and push through life than not be. But why he wanted to do this was always a question he could not find the answer to and now it seemed he would not be getting that answer ever. He would die not knowing…

Wired and scared, Rika would stay conscious for a while longer with tears flowing down his cheeks here and there.They were tears he could not control or understand what emotion or feeling they exactly they came from. Maybe it was fear. Maybe it was the pain that wracked his body as he remained in his spot listening to a sound no one, but himself could hear. It was the sound of water underneath them eating away at the already weak ground. It ate at the only safety they had right now and once it was gone…

Rika shook his thoughts away mentally as his doll like eyes drifted upward scanning the walls that were so far away. He wish he had strength to move and carry his other half up those walls, but he just didn’t and he hated that. He wanted to be angry, but there was no point of that. It was just wasted energy really. Energy he really didn’t have anymore. Drawing his eyes away from the walls, he would look down at Tamiki with a sad gaze. He had really tried hard to protect them as he always did, but in the end the results were the same. Tamiki was down and the blonde could do nothing to help. It was frustrating really, but maybe just being next to his other half would be enough.  

Hmm. Yes. Maybe that was okay. Maybe that was all the blonde could really do in the end. He wasn’t sure anymore. His mind was becoming a fog and his eyes heavy. He just wanted to rest and so he did.


Rika wasn’t sure how long he was out. All he knew was that the sound of something moving in the area had disturbed him. While his body ached and his head swam in a fog, Rika was able to drag himself out of his sleep enough to look around. He made note they were still on solid ground. So if it wasn’t the water or the ground making that sound, what was it? What made that noise? He would look around some more trying to focus on the shadows in the gloom and noticed one of those shadows seemed to be heading towards them.

Dazed for two seconds, it took a moment for him to realize that the shadow approaching was a person...and that person wore the very same clothing as one of the warriors that had beaten them. The armor was gone yes, but there was no mistaken the red and black clothing underneath. Realizing there was a threat nearby, Rika snapped to attention as he forced his aching body into a more proper sitting position as his mind reeled with a bit of panic and anger. He didn’t know what this one wanted with them, but he knew for sure he would see Hell freeze over before he simply allowed this one to torment himself or his brother some more. He supposed defeat was not enough to satisfy some people after all. Well, he’d make him pay for returning if he wanted to play that game.

Glaring open flames at the one coming, Rika had prepared himself for the worse, but found himself a bit taken back as the guy actually halted his advance and then raising his hands before him, slowly knelt to the ground while keeping an eye on him. It was a submissive action and a sign he meant no harm.

Staying quiet Rika watched him suspiciously as he kept a grip on his other half’s shirt. The man in question was a young man with pale skin, blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. He was only armed with what appeared to be a dagger, but he carried with him a nice size bag that could’ve held any number of “surprises”; however, the man slowly took the bag off his shoulder and placed it on the ground and then going for the dagger took it off his belt still in the sheathe in the same deliberate fashion to show he wasn’t trying to pull anything funny. He would place the weapon on top of the bag and then slid the bundle foward a bit pushing closer to Rika before carefully scooting back and away until he was far enough away that if he was going to try something funny, he’d actually have to scramble to get to his stuff.

Rika took in the action, but did not understand what it meant as he looked from the bundle to the man in question. Narrowing his eyes, his lips would finally part.

“What is this?” It was a simple question that was delivered in a quiet fashion despite how packed it was with distrust and anger. Wincing a bit, the man would try and give a smile, but decided against it when he noticed it only seemed to cause the blonde to tense more.

“Easy. I didn’t come here to harm you. I am actually here to help,” he would state. Rika’s frown deepened at this one as he blinked at the other.

“Help? Why on earth would you do that when you and your little friends clearly wanted us dead?” he would ask quite suspicious.

“I didn’t come here with their permission. I came back here because I wanted to. I couldn’t just leave you to die like that...Even enemies don’t deserve such treatment….” the man would look away as he trailed off taking on a look of guilt and anger at some thought; However, the look was not winning over the blonde.

“Yet you went along and helped them get us to this, point didn’t you,” Rika stated coldly causing the guy  to simply nod his head. He didn’t appeared to be pleased, but that could always be an act. Rika would continue to glare at the other quietly for a moment.
“Why are you really here?” he would ask once more in that quiet voice.

“To help like I said. That bag has medical supplies. If you allo -”

“No!” the snap from Rika was firm and harsh as it cut off the other causing the man to look up at him with a calm gaze; however, Rika was far from calm as anger and other emotions pulled at his face. “We think you “helped” enough, so why not drop the act and get lost?” he would growl, but the man before him did not move as he sighed a bit as the area around them trembled slightly.

More concern about collapsing walls, Rika took his eyes off the other briefly to gaze around; however, just as soon his eyes had moved the amber orbs was back on the pale man as he too became calmer as the area settled into stillness once more.

Remaining calm, the other would speak again.

“Look. I know you don’t trust me….and quite frankly I don’t blame you for that; however, let’s take a moment to look at the facts here. You’re other half is dying and needs some form of medical attention to stabilize him. You may be strong, but you and I both know you could not stand or defend if anything were to occur. You cannot carry or drag him out of here. He would perish before that happened. I, on the other hand, have things that can help you and while I am one person, I can assist in getting you two out of here,”  he would state seriously.

Rika would glare coldly at that one. He did have a point, but he didn’t like admitting that out loud.



The man would sigh and shake his head.

“Please let me help. We don’t much time, but if I get to work now, I can perhaps save him and we can get a move on on getting out of here before this place crumbles. You don’t want to die, right? So please just let me this. Let me help. Please. The guy was pleading now seeming a bit desperate for that matter.

Looking down at Tamiki, Rika would shake his head as he thought. As much as he wanted to rebel against this he could see he really didn’t have a choice in the matter. If they wanted to live...they’d have to rely on an enemy....Damn….

Looking back over at the other moodily, Rika reluctantly gestured for him to come over. Seeming relieved, the guy smiled as he hurried over to his bundle, picked up the items, and then came over. Kneeling once he was on the other side of Tamiki, his eyes would glance at the other taking in his condition before frowning about something as he shook his head.

“I’ll have to work quickly for this to work,” he muttered as he opened the bag and began pulling out some medical supplies that caused Rika to give him a leery look. There were one too many pointy things and vials for his liking and when the other made a move to reach out for Tamiki, the blonde instinctively drew the dark haired male closer causing the man to pause as he looked up at him with understanding yet gentle smile.

“It’s alright,” he said gently as he held out his hand. It took a moment, but slowly Rika would let the other grab hold of his other half and through careful maneuvering got the unconscious male in a position where he could work on him.

Watching him like a hawk, Rika allowed the work needed to be done to be performed.


My name is Drifter and I was an assassin, but no longer. Right now I am just a man. A man trying to make amends for the sins I’ve committed. I was paid to kill Olivia’s watch dogs and while I went through with the act, I found I could not settle with leaving said dogs to die. They are younger than me and have a job similar to mine. They obey a master, but one they perhaps love and actually seek to protect. It is hard to say why they obey, but there is something in their eyes that at least for them makes the task given more than just a job. It’s a fire I used to have when I had something to protect too, but….

Drifter would push away the thought as he focused on the one he was working on. It was true only a few moments ago they were just enemies, but now they were just strangers that had just had a really bad first encounter. He honestly didn’t think he would turn back, but it was just something about this creature’s eyes that caught him off guard and brought back memories and feelings he thought he had long sensed buried when he had lost the very thing that he sought to protect. He couldn’t explain it, but something about the creature they were to kill reminded him of a time long past. A time where he was happy. A time when he did not have sins to bare. They reminded him of why he had decided to pick up a blade in the first place...helped him snap out of his despair and find a bit of himself once more. Back to his senses, he had thrown away his job and life of being just a dog sent to kill. Without permission he had returned to this place to aid the one thing, his former master wanted dead. He would be punish for sure and put death for this betrayal, but for the first time in a long time he was not afraid of that. He was actually at peace with his decision despite the consequences because in the end it was the first right thing he had done in years. He just prayed that taking this step could actually save the pair he had come back for.

Working with steady and precise hands despite the hawk like eye that remained on him from the blonde, he worked quickly and quietly highly aware that time was not on his side. He worked and worked and worked until finally with a light relieved sigh he was able to relax a bit as the last wound was sealed for now.

Content with his work, he would take the soiled gloves off his hands and place them to the side before he went back to his bag and pulled out some soft blankets. Making sure to stay clear of the surgery site, he would create a small bed before turning back to retrieve the other. Being as careful as he could, he would scoop up the dark haired male and then get to his feet.

Distressed the blonde tried to nab at his pants, but thanks to injuries the other just wasn’t quick enough and could not pursue. He felt kind of bad stressing the other out like that, but he had to move the guy to a cleaner area, so he did and settled him down. Once he had made the other as comfortable as possible, he would pull a vial and needle from a pouch at his side.

“Neh. What is that?” the blonde would ask trying to move from his spot, but failing as his body refused to cooperate. Staying calm, Drifter would look over at him briefly.

“Don’t worry. It is just a painkiller that will help him rest a bit better,” he said before turning momentarily to the dark haired male and giving him a shot.

One down. One to go, Drifter would think as he placed the vial back in his pouch and then turned to the blonde, who immediately froze as he saw him watching him. Drifter would give him a gentle smile.

“Your other half is stabilized for now. I’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he gets through the storm to come, but for now we have a calm and should look at you, k?” he would say to the other. The blonde would look away from him with a moody pout.

“I’ll be fine,” he grumbled lightly causing the man to snort lightly as he got up and came back towards the blonde. Tossing the needle in the trash pile as he moved, Drifter would pause by his stash of supplies to get a few items needed for what he had to do next. Unlike the dark haired male this round would be rougher since he was dealing with a conscious person. Even so that did not stop him as he moved to the side left side of the blonde and sat down with a light sigh.

“Fine, huh?” he would say as he carefully laid out the supplies he had brought making sure to separate them so the blonde could see exactly what he was going to use. Eyeing the supplies with a bit of nervous tension, the blonde tried to put on a brave act as he gave a nod in response to the question. “Ah I see…” Drifter said softly as he uncorked a bottle and carefully dispensed some of the liquid within on a small clean towel. Holding the towel in one hand, he would lift his blue eyes to meet the amber ones of the blonde.

“Give me your hand,” he would command gently as he held out his free hand to the other. The blonde eyed him suspiciously before considering the hand offered. It was slow and with much caution that the blonde reached for his hand and upon his fingertips brushing against his palm, the blonde would jerk his hand away slightly before trying again. It took a moment, but soon his trembling hand was resting within Drifter’s more steady hand. It was only then that Drifter gently closed his fingers upon the hand before bring the towel over to gently clean away the blood there. He could feel the blonde resisting the urge to pull away for a few moments, but as time passed the blonde slowly relaxed enough for him to continue his work.

For the most part the blonde was a rather still and quiet patient only becoming a bit more vocal when it came to dealing with his legs. In order to properly tend his legs, the blonde had to be moved and no matter how gentle he tried to be there was just no avoiding it - there was going to be a lot of pain...and without medicines strong enough to numb him, the blonde had to deal with it. There was a lot of tears and a bit yelping, but for the most part the blonde let him work on his legs until the very end. When it was all over, Drifter moved to get the painkiller from his pouch, but found himself having to back off as the blonde pulled up enough strength to actually swing at him.

He wasn’t offended by the action understanding the swing as an instinct to ward off that which hurt rather than attacking. Respecting the blonde’s wish he retreated and took to cleaning up instead. He’d have to wait until the other calmed a bit before giving him medicine to ease the pain.


Pain and exhaustion.

That’s all Rika could remember going through for a long time, his mind unaware of much else outside of the misery that surrounded him. He couldn’t see and any time he moved it was as if every fiber in him would break. It forced him to stay still and suffer through the hell, but in time it began to lift and when it was bearable once more the blonde’s amber eyes eased open to look around.

They were still in the tower he was sure of that, but the ceiling above...why was it so close? He last remembered he couldn’t see the ceiling. Had the place been slowly lowering on them?

A bit confused he would force his stiff body to move taking note of the cover that fell off of him and the bandages that bound his wounds. That’s right...he and Tamiki had been injured and then one of their enemies had returned to help them.


The blonde frowned moodily to himself as he shook away the sleep and looked around the area carefully. They were definitely in a different section of the tower. They were in one of the many wall tunnels to be exact, but to get into one of those one had to climb and while that seemed impossible it seemed their enemy had managed to carry him up...and Tamiki too. The blonde took note his other half was within reaching range still out cold, but seemed to rest peacefully enough. They were here, but where was the guy that had gotten them there? He saw the bag, but no--

“Ah. You’ve come back around.” the familiar voice of the young man that had aided them before came from down the hall with the sound of footsteps. Focusing on the location, Rika watched as the other appeared his arm filled with various materials that looked like junk rather than anything helpful. Stopping to drop the materials off in a pile he apparently he had been building, the man would dust off his hands before wandering to his bag.

“It’ll be a while before I have a meal ready, but I do have plenty of this,” he would pull out an unopened bottle of water and then coming over he would kneel down and hold the water out to him. Keeping an unreadable face, Rika would just stare at him for a moment still not comprehending why the guy was doing this, but in time he would reach out and take the bottle letting it rest lightly on the blanket for now. He didn’t say thank you or make a sound in response, but the man seemed to be okay with that as he gave a light smile and then getting back up headed over to sort the materials he had gathered.


Rika remained mostly conscious taking to observing the man called Drifter from his spot in silence. Drifter didn’t seem to mind the observations as he worked in silence on other things to help the group survive. Occasionally, he paused to check on the injured pair and attempted small chat at least twice with the blonde; however, he didn’t get very far. The blonde would barely speak or would simply look away refusing to engage. It was a bit disheartening, but the man supposed that was to be expected. Even if he was helping them that did not automatically make things right between them.He eventually settled with the silences glad enough that the blonde would let him come close enough to keep an eye on his condition and when he needed to move them or change bandages, the blonde submitted easily enough to the events.

Time would pass like this, Drifter sticking to himself when not changing bandages or making sure the unconscious one wasn’t going into dangerous waters while Rika remained quiet observing the man and the area around them when he was awake. Drifter wasn’t sure how much time passed, but as time ticked on he began taking note of little changes in behavior as they pressed forward.

While the dark haired male remained unconscious. The blonde slowly warmed up to him and actually began to speak. It started off in very short burst, but over time he was able to learn their names and in time hold small conversations with the blonde without too much resistance. He couldn’t get the blonde to eat anything offered, but he took water easily enough and over time broth when offered it. Things ran smooth though only becoming a slightly rougher when the dark haired male - Tamiki - finally did come around. Much like Rika was before he was highly skeptical of the man who helped them, but he settled down quicker thanks to his other half at least getting trusting Drifter enough to know he wasn’t there to harm.

With peace between them once more, Drifter continued to move through the tower at a slow pace carrying the pair with him no matter what was occurring. Even when the bottom half of the tower began to give and the threat of being swallowed was upon them, the man refused to leave them behind even if it was riskier to carry the extra weight. Despite the risk, he climbed and pushed his body to go beyond its limits as he did his best to ensure that at least the pair he was with was safe.He was succeeding in his mission until last leg of the climb.

Drifter had just managed to push Tamiki up onto the ledge with Rika pulling the other further up to safety when the area shook so violently that Drifter lost his grip on the edge and in turn began to fall back. On instinct, he reached out for something to stop the fall, but was finding nothing. He expected to fall to his death, but instead something warm and unexpectedly firm and strong gripped his wrist.

A bit startled, he looked up to see that somehow Rika (who could at least crawl at this point) had somehow managed to scramble to the edge to catch him. Not being at full strength though the blonde was struggling to hold onto him. Recovering from the brief shock, Drifter was able to regain his balance and with some help he was able to pull himself up to safety.  However, they couldn’t rest for long as the cracks decided to follow. Quickly gathering the pair once more, it was a close call getting up to a higher and more stable ground, but somehow they were able to make it. While the pair immediately withdrew a bit and kept to themselves once they were out of danger, Drifter did notice that when he thanked the blonde and he turned away, Tamiki just grumbled at him to be more careful and left it at that. The comment alone was a bit of shocker and despite the behavior typically displayed from the moody male, it made Drifter think that maybe in the end, the pair really did care or perhaps saw him useful enough to not kill at least. Regardless the comment made him feel good and from that point on the situation seemed to get better between them.

They continued traveling the towers, the pair he took care of getting stronger and stronger as they moved on, but during their time in that tower, Drifter became ill and while he expected the pair to abandon him, they surprisingly stayed at his side and became his legs and protectors while he was down. If he had doubts before that the pair were just keeping him around because they saw some use for him, then this act alone showed him how wrong he had been.

They didn’t aid or nurse him back to health due to debt or needing him to get out of the tower. They did it simply because they wanted to help what a person they now called considered a friend. A friend...Heh. Time and those it was spent went really did change people it seemed. It was a warm thought and one that helped him push through his illness with renewed strength until he too was back on his feet.

From here, the trio continued to work through the tower until finally with a burst of cool air and pale morning sun they were able to exit the tower and began to cross the bridge to safety. As they walked, the pair he had worked with fused back into one and once they were on the other side of the bridge, they pause to watch the tower crumble. The prison and tomb was gone, but there was still one task left to do: Pay his former boss an overdue visit.  

With a common target, Drifter used a crystal (that was useless in the tower) to open a tear that got them out of the world they were in and back to Earth. Back on home turf, they found they had been missing from the world for only a day despite the time in the tower feeling longer and more drawn out; however, neither party questioned the strangeness of time as they found passage to the town where the thief who had started it all lived. They followed his trail and upon finding him lounging and partying in a club, they came up with a plan to get to the man.

Dressing the creature as a woman and himself as just an ordinary thug, they were allowed into the club. The thief caught sight of what he thought was the most beautiful woman in the club and approached, drunkenness and the creature’s natural ability to appear as something it was not kept the man blind until it was too late.

When the thief was alone with the creature and made his move to advance, the creature did not have to move from its spot on the bed to watch the other drop to the ground after a few steps. While he was busy flirting and paying attention to itself, the theif never noticed his disguised former employee slip a substance into his drink. A substance that now had him paralyzed on the floor.

The creature would smile as it easily slipped off the bed, the boots it wore under the long dress hardly making a sound as it walked over to the man and rolled him over with his foot. No longer using his power of deceit, the creature let the guy get a good look at its true self, the man’s eyes widening in horror as he realized exactly who he was seeing. However, the man could not speak or make much sound thanks to the paralyzing effects of the substance he had ingested when he had over indulged in drinks.

The man on the ground was a greedy and twisted creature for sure and maybe if he hadn’t made the error of attacking family and then attempting to kill itself, maybe the creature would’ve been merciful on the man or maybe never been ordered to destroy him to begin with….But the man had lost his chances and now had to pay price for denying the piper his pay. Was it cruel? Maybe, but the creature had no pity for this sort of being. They got what they deserved.

Giving the other a small smirk, the being began to hum a soft tune that only he knew as he walked to the window to let in the night air. Still humming, the creature would watch as strange feathers drifted from the sky sparkling and unimaginably beautiful. Feathers only he could see that signal the approach of something even more beautiful than the thing that fell. Something golden would dive from the sky before shifting and taking form of a beautiful bird that resembled a miniature peacock of red and black feathers. The bird was beautiful, yet plain, the female of the species and the leader of the flock. As the creature held out a white gloved hand to the bird, the bird would land lightly only his finger before tilting her head expectantly at him.

Understanding what she wanted, the creature would carefully shift in his spot so that he could lean against the window and show the bird her target. She would eye the man on the ground curiously before letting out a light cooing sound and fluttering over the man. She would take a sample of her meal pecking off a small piece of the skin on his his hand. The man tried to yelp, but could not as he watched in horror as the bird seemed to like what it tasted and came at him again.

The bird would begin to feed and as she began to eat more of those golden lights would home in on the area and come in through the window, revealing themselves to be more of same type of birds as the first...and just like the first they went to the man to feed.

The creature would watch as the birds gathered to feed and when the man was completely covered by the birds, the being easily slipped out the window to the let the birds take over the rest. The door to the room was locked and the sounds the man made would sound like moans of pleasure rather than pain considering the last anyone saw of the thief was him entering a room with a lady.

The staff would eventually check, but by that time the man and evidence of the feast and the birds would be gone. It would be like he vanished into thin air and that was enough for the creature.

With its mission completed, it would meet up with the Drifter outside of the club and together take hidden paths to the train station.

On their way, the creature changed out of the clothes it had been wearing and got into more common male clothing as he let his usually two toned hair shift to pure black. By the time they arrived at the station the creature and the man it was with looked just like any other travelers making their way to catch a late train.

They would both purchase tickets, but their paths were heading in opposite ways. It was at the station that the creature left the man with its real name - Jezabella - and in turn got Drifter’s real name; however, the being promised to never tell it. With well wish and hopes of another encounter, the two unlikely friends would board their trains and part ways.

Jezabella would head home to a family who was relieved to have him back and that he was relieved to be around once more. For the first time in ages, he allowed himself to be overly pampered by the child and woman that was there. He was just happy to be able to hold them once more.

Drifter, on the other hand, would head out on a journey of his own. Stopping first to visit the grave of his family he had lost so long ago. After paying respect to the dead, he would leave the graveyard to start a new path in life. A path to find himself again through pilgrimage and faith. It was a strange path for him, but the only path he knew that could help him find peace and perhaps in time help him atone for all the sins of the past he had to bare.

~ End ~

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