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The Calm After the Storm

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Re: The Calm After the Storm

Post by Sharaku on Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:58 pm

He would look up at the ceiling a bit, almost a little surprised that this went across as smoothly as that. Then again, it wasn't like he was pulling what he said out of his ass entirely, so he figured that it would have been hard for the guy to argue with him unless he just went full on denial over anything else.

Ah well, so that was that then, eh? He would move to shuffle off the bed, standing beside it for the moment as rested one hand on the demon's shoulder. ''Well, you can think of it that way...if we do happen to get back together in the future, then we can perhaps say that it was actually meant to be.'' After all, for all they knew, they could end up never meeting again, as well as having neither of them make a move to establish contact again. It was quite possible, so if they did indeed come around and had it start on a good would be quite an accomplishment, wouldn't it?

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Re: The Calm After the Storm

Post by Rika on Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:32 pm

Hard to argue indeed and while the demon could indeed show his ass in the long run what was the point of denying the truth and making the other suffer more? He honestly didn't want to be happening, but...perhaps it needed to in the end.

Still feeling depressed about the matter, the demon would see the other move off the bed and thought he'd just walk away, so he was a bit startled when the other touched his shoulder. Looking up at him, the demon would hear his words and give a slight smile.

"Yeah. Maybe we can," he would say as he reached a hand to touch the other's for a bit. Then pulling his shit together, he would eventually get up and at least get dressed and see the guy off.


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