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Fruity Walk

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Fruity Walk

Post by Sharaku on Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:20 pm

Character: Sharaku  
Prompt: A walk
Word Count: NA
Extras: You are with someone you truly care about.

~Fruity Walk~

‘’What is THAT?‘‘

Staring at the yellow gooey ball on a stick being waved in front of his face as he tried to walk forward, Sharaku mentally questioned the chances of something like this happening. In his mind, coming over to pick someone up before heading somewhere definitely isn’t supposed to equal completely unrelated shenanigans like this. No matter how many times he had to deal with it, he never managed to expect it ahead or time, or be sufficiently prepared for it in any way.

Meanwhile, the green eyed male who was holding said offending object proceeded to shake it even more with a taunting smirk.

‘’Are you trying to insult my banana treats? The least you could do is pay respect to my cooking skills, you know?’’

At that point, Sharaku was just doing his best to avoid getting his eye poked out while trying to make sense of his current predicament. ‘’We are trying to get somewhere. If I end up getting ran over by a car thanks to you obscuring my vision with a piece of banana something, it’s your fault.’’ As a matter of fact, he really didn’t understand why couldn’t this wait until they were at least inside somewhere. Or why was food even being brought up to begin with.

The shorter one would puff up his cheeks at the answer, spying the perfect moment of when the golden eyed man was about to inquire and promptly sticking the piece of candy in his mouth.


‘’You aren’t paying attention anyway! And if you ever stopped being on cloud nine and focusing on unnecessary problems when we are at an appropriate place for something like this, I wouldn’t be doing it now.’’

How was he not choking on this thing, he didn’t know, but he managed to somehow swallow it without any huge issue, his expression somewhat sheepish as he crossed his arms over his chest awkwardly. ‘’That’s not true, I do pay attention….’’ It almost seemed like he was brooding over it, but he certainly didn’t get the chance to make a full impression as his defense monologue turned into a surprised squawk as the other pulled on his ear. ‘’Just kidding. It worked though! You’re too much of a goof for your own good.’’ Oh, he sure was…

Turning his face away with a huff, Sharaku would opt to just grab his cheeky company’s hand, attempting to pull the guy along. ‘’If you don’t move your legs as fast as your brain, we’ll be late….’’

‘’….you have better made more of those goo things though.’’

‘’Yesss, I love you too.’’


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