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Travel Shenigians - Trip to Japan

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Re: Travel Shenigians - Trip to Japan

Post by Sharaku on Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:14 am

''You just said that adapting is important for a relationship to last though. Which one do you actually believe then?'' It's two different things to say that adapting helps it last, and then say that there's nothing wrong with not doing it and that it can even be helpful. Those two methods seem to contradict each other when put in practice. He would shake his head though. ''I have no answer for that. What I do know however, is that the things I do want seem to be at odds with what relationships typically require.'' Did he want a relationship or not? He was kind of neutral on it. He couldn't say it was something he desired, but were he to be lucky enough to find a companion whose presence he enjoyed enough, he wouldn't flat out refuse. It was really tough for him though.

Nevertheless, what he was saying was truth in its own ways. What did they really do? Pretty much anything ended up with long-winded talks about whatever and possibly arguments of sorts. He did not aim to be hurtful with his words, but it wasn't like he would gain much by lying and saying he was having a lot of fun most of the time. He would huff faintly. ''Well, shoot, try to tell me things we have in common. Maybe that will help you come up with an answer.'' How much was there, really? Outside of the fact that they were both familiar with the existence of demons and the like.

He would shrug. ''Nothing is ever guaranteed.''

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Re: Travel Shenigians - Trip to Japan

Post by Rika on Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:35 pm

The demon would rub at his eyes as he heard the next question. "I believe in adapting; however, I can't force someone to adapt, so I am not going to sit and fight something I cannot change. If you want to adapt you can and will and if not... Well there is not much I can do about it except just swallow the truth and do the best I can with what I had. It is nice when both sides bend, but sometimes it is what is...." In the end adapting was a big thing for him. He always adapted, but whether or not his partner would was a different story. He couldn't control other people so he choose to just swallow some hard facts. That aside, the demon would nod at the next answer.

"That is quite the pickle you are in, but perhaps...perhaps the relationship front isn't as hard as you think. Maybe you just have to let someone in fully to see what I mean. After all, maybe the one for you is right in front of you." Things folk sought were often times not that hard to find or gain, it was just the one looking made it hard on themselves by either not seeing correctly or blocking things they shouldn't for whatever reason. Well wherever that went, the demon would find himself shaking his head at the next topic as gave the other a sad smile.

"That is the thing though. I don't know what we have in common and anything I try to come up with is probably something far from your interest bar. I've tried to figure it out before even asked for guidance, but...I always seem to come back to this island of tries with no results. So I would say as it stands now we don't have anything in common outside of some very minor details and some supernatural stuff we know about." ....and that was not much to write home about now was it.

As for the last comment the demon would just give a soft "Right." before becoming quiet his mind too much of a mess from the roller coaster of emotions within. He didn't want this to come into the trip, but it seemed like almost every time they got together, they ended up in a fight about something with very rare times of actually getting along. He didn't get why that happened, but he knew he didn't want to continue down this road and end where he didn't want to be with the guy. So he kept his mouth shut unless disturbed for some reason by the other as he kept to himself for the time being.


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