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Agatha's Ranch - Page 4 Empty Re: Agatha's Ranch

Post by Sharaku on Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:26 pm

He would just blink at the other. ''Well, good for you, but time does keep ticking.'' Not that he was against a bit of laidback circling around, but they did indeed need to get going so they could make use of the time they had left and still be able to leave at a decent hour. ''There wasn't a whole lot happening anyway.'' Just the basic stuff, really. It wasn't like he had to go through rodeo here, so there technically hadn't been a lot of entertainment and fun to miss.

After that, he would stay mostly silent as he waited for the other to get on his own horse and all before getting himself over to join the guy. He didn't have much to say towards the interaction of the two, though he would jestingly offer the woman a peace sign at the well wishes. Once they were eventually at enough of a distance though, he would glance towards the other questioningly. ''You don't want free money?''

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Agatha's Ranch - Page 4 Empty Re: Agatha's Ranch

Post by Rika on Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:35 pm

"I guess it does," the demon would say rubbing the back of his head with a light chuckle before his attention turned to Agatha. To the tall man's words, the ranch owner would chuckle. "Mmm. Well I am going to have to take your word for it," she would say before turning her attention to Rika. The pair would talk a bit before the demon became quiet and in turn got on his horse. Once things were settled and the pair were on their way. Agatha would shake her head in amusement at the action the other made as she waved them off.

Once on the trail with the horses moving side by side with each other, the demon would take in the scenery in the moment of silence they shared before being pulled to reality by the other. Glancing over at the other, the demon would smile softly. "Typically, I would say of course I want the free money; however, this bet was a bit different for me. My reward was that everything went well for you with the horse and you are riding her without issue. That is more than enough reward than cash. Cash can be gained any time. I can't replace you or magically fix you if something bad were to happen." So he called the bet off, content with the outcomes and the shock Agatha got from the taller male being able to tame Black Rose.

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