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Entry #1: On the Path to the Chaos Shrine I Met A Fox

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Entry #1: On the Path to the Chaos Shrine I Met A Fox

Post by Rika on Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:10 pm

The early morning breeze is what greeted the young man as he sat up from his makeshift tent made of treated cloth and sturdy sticks that held up well against the weather. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he roll off of his bed of cloths as he groggily moved his way to the exit of the tent. Once outside he would stretch out with a yawn enjoying the coolness of the morn before going through the routine of preparing himself for the day. Once the task was done, the young man would glance around the tranquil area once more before shifting from his spot to begin his walk.

Today, he would be heading for the Shrine of Chaos, a shrined rumored to be home to a great spirit of malice that needed to be laid to rest. A daunting task for a lone person, but the man was determine to go to the shrine and see with his own eyes if the spirit was actually malicious or simply discontent. For whatever reason this particular spirit would not go away, so the man had to wonder about the source of its anger. Was it real malice or was it something else? Pondering this, he would walk through the forest carefully climbing over the uneven ground until he came back to the main road.

It was here that his wolf friend came out of hiding and decided to join him on the walk. Giving the creature a happy greeting, the man would continue to walk alongside his companion letting time by pass peacefully enough. It wasn’t until around early noon the man would find himself pausing in his walking as he came across what appeared to be a child in the road.

The child wore a white and pink kimono and was crying as she sat on the road with one pale leg outstretched and trapped within what appeared to be a hunter’s trap. Human instinct was to help children and your fellow man in need; however, there was something about this particular child that would’ve stopped any from touching her. While her face and body looked human, a pair of fox like ears stuck up from head and four distinct reddish tipped tails stuck from her backside -she was kitsune in human form!

An exciting find! However, considering the situation, the man did not show much excitement as he frowned at the situation at hand as his wolf companion watched the creature carefully. Kitsune were a tricky sort of creature to deal with and even when being kind to them some turned around and cursed you all the same. Even so, the young man did not let the fear of curses hold him back.

Taking careful steps forward, he would approach the child who immediately stopped crying and looked up at him with a mixture of fear and anger.

“Stay away!” she growled causing the man to obey. Being as kind as he could be he would speak to the girl.

“I would love to; however, it looks like you may need some help, so please let me aid you,” he would say.

“No! Go away!” the child would reply stubbornly as she folded her arms with a snarl. The man would sigh lightly at this.

“Alright. How about this? If you let me at least take the trap off your leg, I’ll be on my way. How does that sound?” he would ask.

The child looked over at him with fire in her eyes.

“How about I place a nice curse placed upon you instead?” she threatened.

The man would smile gently.

“If that is the price to pay to get the trap off of you, then so be it,” he would say and then waited for her reply before moving. The child would look him up and down considering the words before nodding.

“Fine, but you shall be cursed,” she said with a huff.

“Fair enough,” the man said gently and then without another word, he moved over to the girl and worked on getting the trap off her leg. The trap was stubborn and even injured the man’s hands, but still he worked quietly until the child was able to pull her leg free. Free of the trap, the girl would pull away and hop to her feet as the man moved his hands out of the way and release the trap that closed with a loud clang.

Looking over at the girl, he would give her a small smile, but only got daggers in return from her stare. With a growl and a promise to curse him, the girl would turn and flee into the forest. The man would watch her go before looking back at his hands now sore and damaged from the trap. Sighing lightly he paused to grab at a few bandages from one of his pouches. For now, he would bind them until he made it back to the river where he could properly clean them and treat them. With that task done, he would get back on his feet and began to walk  again, making his detour to the river.

When he arrived there, he would take to cleaning the wounds on his hands wondering, as he let the cold waters wash away the blood, if the kitsune girl would be alright. Maybe he would see her again on his way to the shrine as she came back to make good on her promise to curse him or maybe he wouldn’t see her again. Perhaps she would curse him from afar instead. The possibilities were endless and unknown, but the man decided to let what came come. He would cross those bridges when it was time to. For now, he had a shrine to continue to. So finishing up his task, he rebound his hands with clean cloths before making his way back to the main road to continue his journey alongside his wolf friend.

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