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Maxwell Alexander - Junction Version - Done Empty Maxwell Alexander - Junction Version - Done

Post by Rika on Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:12 am

Maxwell Alexander
”People complain about how fucked up life is all the time, but not me. I accept it is fucked up and deal with it. Try it sometimes and you'll see the world in a brighter light.”

The Biography

Birth Name: Maxwell Alexander
Aliases: Cheshire Cat (Online), Max, Chaotic Calm aka CC (Underworld Name), Druggy (Something only Grex calls him and honestly...Grex is the only one that can get away with that without gaining an injury.)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birth Day: Nov. 11
Species/Race Name: Anterian
Original Homeworld Name: Anteria
Arcana: Hanged Man
Place of Residence: Top Ward

Full Time Job: Information Trader/Hacker/Drug Dealer/Business Man

Maxwell Alexander - Junction Version - Done PReI1Gu

Max is about 5’8” in height and approximately 125 lbs. He is lean and fit. His figure is slightly curvy giving him an feminine elegance despite being male. His skin is pale white and his eyes a crimson color. His hair is mint green and kept pinned up in a mess bun fashion.  His style is casual and laid back, but also neat and presentable. He wears rings on his fingers, and earrings line his ears. A choker of black material is around his neck and he has a set of strange crystals under his right eye. No one knows if the crystals are embedded into his skin or decoration he places on his face.

Personality: “Maxwell Alexander? You mean that rich kid up on the Top Ward? I don’t know why the police think that kid is into shady business, I swear that someone set the poor guy up and got him in trouble. That kid is the sweetest you'll meet. He is well mannered and opened hearted to all. He’s the sort that doesn't see class or race. He is willing to help even those on the bottom rung in life and get down in the dirt with the rest of us to get a job done. He has money, but he is charitable and isn’t the type to just sit on it and keep it all to himself. On top of that that boy is smart, smart, smart he is. I dunno think I’ve ran across someone someone so focused and disciplined as that kid. I honestly don’t understand why the law enforcers think otherwise. I am sure that boy had a bright future ahead of him with all his business work and now whoever did this to him has gone and ruined it. A shame really.”

“CC, you wanna know about CC? CC is a fucking beast man. He knows his shit like the back of his hand and can make you believe trash is the most delicious thing to eat. He’s got a way with words and knows how to sell whatever comes across his table. He can melt the public’s heart with his young age and melt the ladies' hearts with his good looks. He’s a good actor alright, but he is fucking liar too. I wouldn’t trust that guy or even step within ten feet of him when comes to my personal shit man. Who knows what that mad man will do with it. He sees money and money alone. I think he wants the whole world to burn man, but there is one thing I can say about him that is positive. He sure does keep his promise to sell hope, dreams, love, and whatever you ask for if you have enough dough to make him work for ya.”

“He’s a crook. Plain and simple. We may not have anything on him yet outside of that incident two years ago, but trust me, a young pretty boy with such confidence like his is bound to slip up and show his true colors and we’ll be there to catch him when he does.”

*Clicks off all the chatter of radio and takes a drag on his cigarette before leaning forward and looking up at you as he blows the smoke out away from you.*

The folk don’t lie. All that was said applies to me and yet at the same time it doesn’t. No one is going to know the real me. They don’t want to or need to. All they need to know is the version of me that best suites their needs and nothing more. They don’t need to know how fucked I am upstairs thanks to my past that continues to this day to haunt me. They don’t need to know I do use drugs and other means to try to escape it when it is really bad. They don't need to understand that my mood swings are a sign of a person more unstable than they think. They don’t need to know how much I can tear them all apart and not care. They don’t need to that. Nah.

They just need to know the likeable me. The one that helps the poor, rich, middle class, the blue person, black person, white person, what have you. They just need to know I am always for them, my doors and goods open to them. My eyes isn’t on the money. Nah. It’s on something else, but I am not obligated nor willing to tell you what that is.
*sits back on the sofa and waves you off free hand* Now be happy with that and get out of here before you piss me off.

The Potential


Strength Name: Intelligent and Well Informed
Description: Max is a person that holds a ton of information and what he doesn’t have he most certainly can get. Through his self taught hacking skills and other methods, Max proves himself to be a analytical and focused individual that can pick out details and find things others cannot. This makes him a very persistent person that won’t give up until a puzzle is cracked or a challenge conquered.

Strength Name: Business Man
Description: He knows how to socialize and charm the public both with his looks and ways of speaking. You want something to sell and make huge bucks, this is the guy to go to. With a strong handle on how the market works and what makes the money flow in, Max is the best guy to turn to for all your business endeavors.

Strength Name: A Good Guy
Description: Max is laid back, approachable, and gives off the air of a person that will really sit down and listen to you and be there for you when you need him. As a result, many find it easy to tell him secrets and trust him.

Strength Name: Dual Wielder (Double Dex)
Description: Max may not seem like much, but there is one thing he does specialize in: dual wielding weapons. Whether it is with guns or a pair of knives, the guy has trained and still does train so that he stays efficient, accurate, and quick when using two weapons and his own fighting style to defend himself and what he considers his.

Strength Name: Fast Feet (+10% to Luck)
Description: Max is fit and healthy seeming to actually love to run and do acrobatic things for the hell of it. As a result the guy is very nimble on his feet.


Racial Strength Name: Gravity Manipulation
Description: Gravity manipulation is a skill that allows Max to shift the gravitational field around himself and other things. This field can stretch out to approximately 15 ft away from himself; however, he usually keeps the field focused on himself alone. By using his mind he can get himself to levitate/float in mid-air, slow or halt his falls, shift gravity so he can stand sideways or upside down on surfaces, and even fly in a fashion. Though said flying is more like using the gravity to fling himself about and then land with precision. He can use his power on objects also as long as he can see them giving him a form of telekinesis. He can use the power on people too, but typically don’t unless he has permission or is attempting to scare them off. This power can be used in and out of battle.


Weakness Name: Boredom and the Dark Web
Description: Max is well informed because he isn’t afraid to go beyond normal means to get what he wants. He has deep roots within the Underworld and the darker side of the web making the information he has not the cleanest or most legal. On top of this, due to the fact he is so smart he is easily bored and becomes moody or lazy when it comes to task that he sees as trivial, too simple, or plain common sense. He can come off a bit arrogant or as if he looking down on folks as a result of this.

Weakness Name: Liar
Description: A silver tongue, good looks, and that all so approachable persona certainly makes this guy the best to go to with anything; however, the guy is a well versed liar. He can make anything sell even if it shouldn’t and he can trick people into thinking he will keep their secrets only to turn around and sell them if an offer is good enough. Point is the guy cannot be trusted, but he will make you believe he can be.

Weakness Name: Mood Swinger
Description: One thing that people don’t understand about Max is how he can be sweet as pie one minute and fang bearing the next. The truth of the matter is the guy is a mood swinger making his behavior unpredictable and making relationships on a personal level with him hard. Out in public this trait still shows up in the form of one day he can be open and charming and the next closed, cold, and businesslike. Thanks to this Max is known to be a tricky one to handle both on the business front. So much so that some in the darker circles are afraid to tick this guy off, but why is unknown.

Weakness Name: Extra Pain (+5% damage from Physical Skills hits)
Description: The guy may be fit and seem healthy, but honestly the guy is more fragile than one thinks meaning he does notice the pain a whole lot more than the average joe when it comes to being physically hurt.

Weakness Name: Mental Strength (-10% Ppstr)
Description: The guy is imaginative and while he can mentally get his minds to form most things, he seems to fail on forming physical attacks from his mind. Good thing he has his literal physical skills to back him up.


Racial Weakness Name: Exhaustion
Description: Having gravitation bow to your whim is indeed a nice trait; however, it comes at a cost. Max controls a power that is taxing both on his mind and his body. If used too much the guy risks collapsing or physically harming himself. Due to the power currently not being fully mastered, he will wear down the longer he uses the power and also depending on how much he exerts. This forces the guy to rests to recharge lest he pays the price. At its current state Max can use the power 3 times in one thread before being forced to not use it for rest of the topic. If he goes over this he starts taking damage directly to his body and mind.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Urs and Ula (Together: Ursula)
Weapon Description: Ursula are a pair of twin blades that are connected to a pair of guns. The blades are made out of an strange material that seems to be more of an energy than anything physical, but it can slice and dice just fine. The 7.5” curved blades themselves are the main form of attack.
Weapon Image: Urusla
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Ursula
Side-Arm Description: Pretty much the same as his soul bound; however the part we are going to focus on are the twin pistols the blades are built upon. These strange pistols are custom made and also designed so that the wielder doesn’t accidentally fires upon something when using the blades. The triggers fold inward and the barrels are hidden when the guns are not in use, but with an easy flick of the finger, Max can transform his blades into guns that he uses with deadly accuracy.
Side-Arm Image: See above picture on Soulbound
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Revolver - Single Shot - Accuracy is increased by 20%. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background

History: Anteria was a world that was killed by war. The people on this world were divided into two distinct groups: The Outsiders and the Anterians. The Outsiders were people of all sorts of backgrounds that came to Anteria with the intent of using their advanced technology to make Anteria a world of machines and cities could last forever. The Outsiders had already taken out many worlds in this fashion, their cities and ideas too powerful for the worlds they landed on. They’d use up resources and then left that world dead as they sought out new territory. They eyed Anteria because it seemed to have a different resource not found anywhere else. It was a energy known as Chi - a mysterious power that sustained the world and gave the natives there the ability to push past their normal limits and tap into their own energy allowing them to perform feats such as flight, creating fire, freezing things and more all with a single thought.  

The strongest source of the Chi was a tree deep within the woods that was protected and regard as a sacred place by Anterians. When the Outsiders tried to peaceful get access to this place, the Anterians refused. As a result of the refusal, the Outsiders decided to call war upon the Anterians and try to take the tree by force; however, the Anterians were no push over, they fought back with all their might. It was during this war time that Max was born.

He was a the child of the Priestress that servedf Mercia - the tree that held so much Chi within. Max was a forbidden child since the Priestress was suppose to be a maiden that was pure and untouched by others of her kind, but Maxwell’s mother fell in love with a soldier and in turn had a secret relationship with him. She kept her pregnancy a secret and even gave birth in a hidden spot within the Garden of Mercia. It was here she kept her baby hidden. It is unknown how it was that the child did not ever cry out and give away his position when left alone or when sick or hungry, but he didn’t. He was a quiet child that had a deep connection with his mother and Mercia. As the child grew, his mother taught him about the world and how to use his mind to make anything possible. When she was attending her duties the child stayed hidden speaking quietly with the spirits and Merica as he explored the deeper woods. It was through exploring and quiet experiments that Max learned his way around plants and learned their various effects upon the living both good and bad. Despite being young, the child had a deep grasp on concepts that even adults were baffled by.

Some say he gained this understanding through his deep connection with Mercia and his world. Others say the boy was a genius from the get go. Whatever the case was, the boy proved to be beyond his years in both understanding of the world and what was happening. When he was 10 the Outsiders finally broke into the Anterian sacred grounds and while his mother tried to ward them off, she was too weak against them and soon began to falter. Not wanting to lose his mother, Max came out of hiding to defend and while he did manage to wound a couple of the Outsiders, in the end he was no match for them and in turn was forced watch his mother raped and murdered.

However, the Outsiders did not kill him. Instead they found it far more interesting to see just how much torture they could put him through before he broke. He was forced to watch acts no child should ever have to see. Forced to do things that took any innocence away from the child.The Outsiders broke his mind and caused him to go mute, but they could break his spirit.

The boy lived for 5 years in that hell before the Outsiders simply got rid of due to boredom. They tossed him on the streets of their harsh city knowing he would get no help from the people. They expected him to die, but he did not. He learned how the city worked, learned their technology, and found friends in dark places. Using all his resources he slowly and quietly pulled himself back to his feet learning to deal with his hellish past and use the pain, anger, and insanity that it left in its wake as his strength.  

Through his connections, he re-learned how to talk, learned of ways to make money and make things bend his way. He cleaned himself up, changed his looks, and made himself useful in the dark rings as a businessman - who sold the people hope, dreams, love and whatever else they deserved. He became well liked and wealthy moving into the lap of luxury after about 2 years and within 3 years he was so settled that no one ever connected the rich social butterfly with the torn up kid the Outsider army had tossed to the streets 5 years ago to die.

Life may have stayed this way, but uh….one rather large thing happened - Junction it kind of smashed up the city he lived in. What wasn’t already dead was killed by the impact and some how he was one of the ‘lucky” folks that got sucked up and sorted into the strange place.

It was odd readapting to a new location, but the air was similar to the Outsider City so after a few months, Max began searching around for footholds in the city….and just like before he found a place he could settle and even make his underground business even larger than before. Hiding it all from the world and living life as a simple rich guy, Max was able to live his life without bother, keeping away from the police for three years before he was finally outwitted.

It started with a guy that a trusted client of his brought along for the ride. She called her “friend” Colt and told Max he was looking to be a client. Not one to turn any client away, Max sat and talked with the guy. Through chatting, he and the guy came to agreement on what sort of product he wanted and even made arrangements for said goods to be delivered the following week. However, when the day came and the good were to be delivered, the young man found himself in a trap. The one known as Colt revealed himself to be a police ad so caught young man surrendered easily enough.

While he was locked up and waiting to see exactly what sort of sentence he would be paying, the young man actually got to chat with his captor and found that while the guy did catch him, he didn’t hate him. He wasn’t sure why, but there was something about the canine cop that intrigued him and made him wonder just how much of a good guy the dog was. However, he never went deep into seeing just how far from the tree the apple fell. Not with watching eyes. In any case, between good behavior, doing what he was told, and the police unable to find any more evidence outside of what had been brought in the day he was caught, Max’s stayed locked up for two years before he was freed. However, there was a catch. The law enforcers’ of Junction wanted one of their own watching him, so he ended up stuck with the same cop that brought him in.

Now free Max returns to the world with his new roomate in tow. Though how things will turn out with two and how the world and the things going on it will impact them has yet to be revealed.


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