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Post by Sharaku on Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:21 pm

”We all do what we must. That’s what the world tries to teach everyone, doesn’t it?”

The Biography

Birth Name: Rhys Owen Soul
Aliases: Winged Doom
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birth Day: 20th January
Species/Race Name: Gryphon
Species/Race that you have been spliced with: Crystal Golem
Original Homeworld Name: Aspharax
Arcana: Magus
Place of Residence: None (is mostly a wanderer)
Academy Semester: 1st year

Part/Full Time Job: Fighter for hire (aka, will beat up people for you if need be)

Appearance: Standing at a somewhat shorter height of 4’11” (150cm), and weighing approximately 92 lbs (42 kg), Rhys can unintentionally come off as younger than he is to some people, at least based on the more human standards, as he more or less resembles on in his humanoid form. The young man has a fairly pale complexion, alongside sporting light colors for his other body features as well. His hair is a light blonde, with his eyes featuring a surprisingly piercing amber color, betraying his nature as a predator being. Despite being mostly human-like in appearance when in this form, he still possesses a part that shows his true race, that being a 3’3’’ (1m) long blonde/light brown lion like tail. It’s usually visible, but he is known to sometimes hide it under his clothes by curling it around his body when he wants to fool people into believing he’s one of the humankind for real.

He’s known to dress fairly casually, most often found in a random assortments of hoodies, and different styles of comfortable jeans. It would appear that gray’s and cool silvery colors are his favorite go-to’s when it comes to clothes, but it’s not necessarily that much of a surprise to see him in a different get up. Albeit, he is certainly not the one to dress in rainbows, or outfits that make him stand out in a crowd more than what is acceptable.

When in his basic gryphon form, Rhys takes on an even smaller size, standing at roughly 2’5” (74cm), and weighing about 55 lbs (25kg), with a wingspan of 4’3” (130cm). He appears as a four legged, lion like creature coated with feathers, alongside an eagle beak. His eye color stays the same, though his body color seems to take on a strage fluid mix of crystal blue and a light brown. The latter being his natural coloring, which had been affected by the golem species he had been spliced with, thus giving him unusual blue fade outs.

Despite what one might assume from the fact that the young man wanders around like a rogue, he doesn’t tend to come off as your typical thug probably would. While he is certainly an ambitious person, and has a lot of fiery willpower, Rhys often appears as a more level headed person who is largely unconcerned about other people’s issues at base. Often seen being somewhat snide towards people, and largely unapologetic about that fact, the young gryphon carries a sort of subtle, silent form of arrogance perhaps, often giving into the whims of others simply because it will benefit his own ideas as well.

Nevertheless, he does show a certain willingness to create rapport with people for the most part, finding interest in figuring out how the society’s system operates. Even much more so in a place like Junction, which is quite the mix of different attitudes as well as a whole lot of secrets. As one would say, it pays off to keep up with the situation, no matter how much of a chore it can sometimes be. Only those who don’t sleep on their feet will prevail at the end of the day. The world has never been the most forgiving place, as far as he was concerned, and that doesn’t change even when living on a teleporting mass of...something.

The Potential


Strength Name: Diamond Fists
Rhys has been an efficient hand to hand fighter to begin with, but having been spliced with a large, tough golem creature has further enhanced his ability to utilize his punches to their maximum. The young man may not look it at glance, but his punches easily have the strength to break one’s bones if he puts his all into it. He can also shatter boulders and harder materials, as well as create decent dents in ones that do not crumble with fair ease.

Strength Name: Resilient Body
The second most obvious product of his splicing is the fact that having the hardened crystal which forms the golem’s race’s bodies infused in him, he doesn’t get physically damaged as easily, and seems to be able to take blunt hits a good deal better than the average person. Of course, he would be affected in time, but you are unlikely to see him down on the ground too fast.

Strength Name: Manipulator
Having lived a large part of his life in an environment which required him to be smart with his choices, as well as the attitude he displayed towards others, Rhys has developed a hightened ability to play along with people to eventually achieve his own goals. That said, it doesn’t mean he uses everyone he meets, but he is quite capable of doing so whenever the need arises.

Strength Name: Spellcaster heritage (+10% to Elec skills)
Being one of the natural mages of his race, Rhys was born with a higher aptitude towards using spells and performing magical feats, which with his training eventually took a leaning more towards the usage of electricity based spells.

Strength Name: Small & Agile (double movement speed)
In some ways, not being a hulk on top of being a natural predator being can come off as useful. Rhys’ abilities in the realm of being swift on his feet and good at maneuvering around quickly appears to be higher than average.

Racial Strength Name: Gryphon Magic
Due to being one of the mages of his kind, he’s one of the few that have the ability to shift between their natural form and a human like one, as well as do it precisely enough to gain additional positive effects from doing so. Rhys can choose to be in either his human or gryphon form at any time, with his abilities in combat being slightly different for each one. He also has the ability to fly when in his gryphon form.

Human : +10% defenses (due to a larger influence from his splicing)
Gryphon : +10% speed (functions akin to a buff, and stems from being a winged creature)


Weakness Name: Lack of Caution
Thanks to his somewhat arrogant mindset, he can be slower to accept actual danger, and may not want to leave potentially harmful situations early enough, as well as be more inclined to accept risky deals.

Weakness Name: Shaky defense

Weakness Name: Mind Block

Weakness Name: Intimidating

Weakness Name: Lightweight


Racial Weakness Name: Power Expense
As useful as his shifting power is, it does take a lot of energy to do it constantly as well as maintain the enhanced properties. The buffs of either form fade away after 6 turns of battle, and he can only shift between forms 2 times in a battle. In gryphon form, he gains an additional ice weakness, while in human form he’s 10% more susceptible to ailments. The buffing ability can also be completely taken away if an enemy uses Dekaja on him.

Genetic Weapon:

Weapon Name: Crystalix
Weapon Description: A pair of thick, crystal blue colored gauntlets, with sharp two inch long spikes protruding from the knuckle areas. While the gauntlets do have claw like fingers, they are mainly used for punching the opponents and utilizing the spikes as one would brass knuckles.
Weapon Image:

Weapon Attack Type: Strike
Weapon Element: N/A

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Featherwing
Side-Arm Description: A somewhat fancy, purple colored revolver like gun.
Side-Arm Image:
Rhys W.I.P. 8b1ef7df272e4710684f59acc5ae08b9--adoption-geek-stuff

Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Revolver - Single Shot - Accuracy is increased by 20%. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background



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