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Post by Sharaku on Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:34 pm

Nope. No. Not happening.

Beaches was nice to be at for a while, and observe from a distance, but he wasn’t going into the water unless he had to. Salt water specifically wasn’t on his list of things he loved. Far from there, actually. In general though, water activities didn’t hold his attention well. He could swim for a while, but he’d be bored real fast. It didn’t have a whole lot of charm, and getting all wet only contributed to the activity being a hassle. Perhaps he just wasn’t made to be a water person. Not that the fact even truly bothered him.

Regardless, it was absolutely clear that he had next to no intention of getting into the water, as he had remained dressed in casual clothes, resigning himself to simply watching any and all events unfold. Getting a good vantage point, he would seat himself on the edge of a fairly long sea dock that decorated the area they were at, enjoying the sea breeze while he was out there. Now that was much better than trying to become a fish and digging into the bottom of the ocean. Really, if he wanted to see underwater creatures so badly, he could just find some nice video someone else took, and still get a moderate level of satisfaction. He wasn’t a marine biologist or such, that it would require him to get up close and personal with sea life on purpose.

Resting his elbows on his legs and his chin on one of his hands, he would stare down into the water, detecting a bit of splashing happening here and there. He would narrow his eyes at the odd disturbances, a little wary. Honestly….if anybody decided it would be funny to drag him down into the vast waters under him, he was seriously going to make killing somebody a goal for today. He wouldn’t even care if it turned the sea red with blood. He did not approve of shenanigans like that, and he was very willing to make his point clear….

….and yes, that included being generously splashed with said water as well.

Had it been physically possible, he’d definitely have a vein popping on his forehead as he proceeded to glare at the culprit, his face now dripping wet.

“Which way should I strangle you when you get out of there?”


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