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Notes For Rika

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Notes For Rika

Post by Rika on Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:42 pm

Mental notes for me and what I want him to have power wise.

Rika is 26 and his birthday Dec. 13th.  
Merk is 40.
He has a pet dragon


> Spirit Talker: he can talk with, interact, and see spirits of the world. He also able to enter their world. They are just like people to him. On top of this he does have visions by touching spirits, being possessed by them, or touching important items associated with the spirit. This can often help him heal and aid spirits that are acting out or causing havoc. > He also has physic abilities able to float and levitate things communicate telepathically and such. > He is also a healer too.

> All powers have the catch that they wear him down and if over used he risks server headaches, disorientation, or collapsing. > Another bad thing is because he can't shut off his powers and can constantly hear spirits he often have nightmares or can get overwhelmed by the voices at times.

His form:

Though he was a fox, but apparently he is a cat. And so will have a cat form and such.

Human Form: Is still the black haired guy I used before.

Demonic Form: I am using Shui from Lamento for him. The bard/poet wanderer fits his nature and his past. For a full form it is some form of cat and as a result he has cat like behaviors. And apparently has a more spiritual edge to him.

For both of these forms one eye is turquoise/aquamarine and the other is green.  

His job is art therapy both for his patients and himself. So we'll work from this. Please keep in mind all of this is a rough draft of notes for my sanity.

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