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Cotton Troubles Empty Cotton Troubles

Post by Sharaku on Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:23 am

Character: Sharaku
Prompt: Continue the walk from Fruity Walk.
Word Count: NA, but it has to be a bit longer than the last.
Extras: So like Rika wants to see the green eyed male who has Sharaku's interest. please. Also does he have a name?

~Cotton Troubles~

....This was going so swell...

No, Sharaku wasn’t trying to complain. Realistically speaking however, he truly didn’t have a lot to say at the moment. Why? It was pretty simple, actually. While he didn’t hate this kind of thing literally, he was still not certain as to how to take it. Too much forwardness could easily be uncomfortable and there was no appropriate response to it in most cases. The two of them had a somewhat unconventional history as is…

Shaking himself out of his short moment of embarrassment, he would furrow his brows as he glanced back at the other.

‘’Why do you do this…..?’’

The green eyed one would blink, surprisingly remaining silent this time. Somewhat serious even. As unclear as the question given was at its base, it would appear that he understood the meaning of it, or at the very least gave the impression that he did. The sudden bout of silence was mildly unsettling, but both of them knew how to be stubborn and that was an unchangeable fact. The good part of it was that they could focus on the path ahead at the very least, if nothing else. Surprisingly enough, however, this was one of those times that Sharaku wasn’t really enjoying being left to his own thoughts, as much as he often tended to prefer less chit-chat. Despite that, he couldn’t come up with anything relevant to follow his question up with for now. As fate would have it, he wouldn’t have to float in nothingness for too long, as he would eventually end up getting an answer. A rather mysterious one, but an answer nevertheless.

‘’You really don’t know, do you? Just wait for it then. I’ll tell you later today.’’

Sharaku honestly had half the mind to throw something at the younger man for that. Sadly, there was no viable object nearby at all. And two, it was really just a theoretical scenario to begin with. It was doubtful that he would actually go for it, given the chance. Besides, as thick-headed as he could be at times, he wasn’t completely dumb. He could tell the difference between joking and being serious. Well…usually…at least. Ahem, either way…

…his focus on his mild misery would be broken by something bonking into the side of his head. Turning his head to face it, he would manage to head-butt it once again mid-movement before identifying said object as a stray balloon, probably having been blown around by the light breeze.


‘’You really need to get out of your head sometimes. See, we’re already here.’’

Sharaku would frown to himself weakly, doing his best to ignore the other who was poking him in the arm to give emphasis to his words. Here, yes. As much as he had made the point of hurrying up on the way, he was not sure how excited he was about this ‘trip’. What was this anyway? It reminded him of a circus place or something. Or an amusement park. Whichever. Maybe a fusion of several things at once, which made it no less bothersome. He would squint at the bright colors everywhere around.

‘’Alright…so. Where is…?’’

‘’Shhh. Go buy me some cotton candy, kay? I’ll be right back.’’

The tall man would only manage to blink a few times as the other poofed away instantly with a small wave. What was going on here…? Somehow, he had a feeling he was participating in something he hadn’t actually signed up for. Sounded very likely right now, unless there was just some detail he had not been told beforehand. Which would be unusual in itself. There was no way to tell though, and that was the most irksome part of the whole ordeal. Resigning himself to his fate, he would resort to simply doing as he was told for now. It couldn’t hurt him…

-Some Time Later-


Who knew cotton could be so hypnotizing? Odd as it was, waving the fluffy candy on a stick around and watching it while he was waiting has somehow become a major source of entertainment for the last few minutes.


That is, until someone decided to approach him from behind, hanging himself onto his shoulders in a surprise ‘hug’. If it could even be called that. In response to which, Sharaku barely resisted facepalming. Which he should even be glad for, as he would hardly appreciate the notion of sticking his face into a lot of candy fluff on accident.

‘’Ryder…would you kindly explain to me what is going on…?''

With a light huff, the man in question would detach himself from his target with a sort of apologetic expression.

Cotton Troubles P4QvdMa

‘’Nothing, really. We’re just hanging out.’’

‘’…? You said we were going because we were meeting with someone.’’

‘’That’s because you’re a grumpy cat! I bet I wouldn’t be able to convince you to come here if it was just you and me.’’


Yes, that happened. And it was actually quite true. There was no way he could deny that he would definitely protest much more if the only reasoning was to go out with no actual goal. To a place like this. He wasn’t a huge fan of loud and brightly colorful places, and he was sure the other knew that. Or at least had an idea. It was a tough guess, considering their particular situation.

‘’So you lied to me?’’

‘’I had to. You’re just impossible sometimes.’’

Having passed the stick of candy to the other somewhere in the middle of this discussion, Sharaku would cross his arms over his chest, half-glaring at his shorter companion. He couldn’t even decide whether he was mad or just utterly confused by this. Normally, he would automatically be really annoyed if someone went and made a fool out of him, but for some reason, he just wasn’t right now. But he didn’t understand. What did the guy want…? To be honest, he was moreso passing off the typical cute remarks as joking at this point. Perhaps he didn’t notice when it started getting more complicated than what it had begun as. Shaking his head to clear the mess of thoughts running around his mind right now, he would try a bit differently.

‘’…why..? I thought we didn’t have to anymore…?’’

…to which he would get a mildly exasperated wave of the cotton candy in front of his face.

‘’That’s exactly it!’’


Just a friendly reminded of how slow he could be at times when it came to catching up with the reality.

‘’Helloooo. I’m trying to get an actual date with you if you haven’t noticed yet.’’

‘’….are you serious right now…?’’

‘’Do I look like I’m not? Say what, just have fun for now and we’ll talk it over later, fine?’’

‘’…I don’t think I have a choice…’’

Did he? That was something he pondered while he was being pulled somewhere else, trying to keep up with the pace, staring holes in the other’s back in front of him. Well yes, he did have a choice. But it was a pretty blurry one. He should probably be pretty pissed at the turn out of events right now, but all he could come up with was a lot of puzzlement. He didn’t know why he just didn’t ditch the guy and leave, it’s not like he had an obligation to play along anymore. Yet, he stayed anyway. For some reason. Whatever it actually was.

It’s almost funny…what is it you call this…?

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