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Data Dump for Calabus

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Data Dump for Calabus Empty Data Dump for Calabus

Post by Rika on Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:58 am


>Job: Hunter/Shopkeeper
>Arcana: Hanged Man
>Class: Splicer - With Machinery
>Load out: Healer/Support
>Location: Commercial Ward


>Medic: Calabus knows the body well allowing him to not only accurately hit weakpoints within a body (mechanical or not) after a careful study, but he also knows what to do to aid the body in healing...or dying making him a master of healing. As a result, healing skills from him does 10% more healing than others.

>Preservation of Life: Perhaps it is because he is a medic that he loves life so and seeks to do whatever it takes to keep something living unless it is for a job or he has no choice in killing said thing. This makes him a very compassionate person.

>Shop Owner: In his life before becoming what he is today, Calabus struggled to just survive day to day along side of the children he took care of. Determined to make life better all around for himself and the kids, the young man took to studying merchants and the ways of business until he learned enough skill to run a stable business of his own. This strength allows him to run and use Mermaid’s Tearpoint as a shop to sell his goods from.

>Craftsman/Hunter: To keep his business running and stock with its strange goods, Calabus learned how to hunt down creatures via tracking and other methods and also how to craft items from what he collected in the wild or scavenge from around Junction. This allows him to use the materials he has gained to build things for people.

>Quick Feet: Acorbatic and quick on his feet, Calabus is a hard one to hit and catch making him lucky to some. +10% to luck.

>Racial Strength: Time Manipulation: Allows him to reverse time around a person erasing any negative status or debuff cast upon a person by the enemy at the cost of 10 SP. Which is erased is determined by a dice roll. Even = negative status removal Odds = Debuff Removal



>Weak Ass Hit: Calabus does not do well with physical attacks as a result his dex attacks do 10% less damage than most when he uses them. As a result he has the tendency to use his mind over brute strength to survive in the world.

>Preservation of Life: This is a beautiful thing, but also a curse this means that Calabus will not kill unless necessary and he has a habit of taking what is dying and using whatever is at his disposal to keep the thing alive often turning out some rather bizarre and often times dangerous creations much to the displeasure and distress of those close to the saved thing or is the saved thing.

>Competition: Yes he owns a shop and can make his own money; however, the other shop owners sees him as a threat to their own business and as such always charge him higher than normal for goods they sell. Calabus pays +10% more on goods purchased from shops around Junction.

>Working Man: In order to make things in his shop, Calabus has to work and be sucessful at a hunt or gathering event to gain items and other parts needed to craft his materials. As a result, some of his supplies have limited quantity before he has to restock.

>Ouch: While Calabus is quick on his feet, if he is successfully struck by a physical skill, they do +10% more damage to him than it does a normal person.

>Racial Weakness: The Price of Time usage: Every time he uses time reversal, he loses +5% of his health due to the fact that time usage demands your own time to in the world to use.

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