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Post by Rika on Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:45 pm

((Note: This is what happens when I left to my thoughts on a slow day after listening to the Wiz. So decided to play with dynamics of the twins and get this idea out of my head. Enjoy!))

The trio sat quietly at a long table with Oliva at the end smoking a cigarette, Tamiki to her left looking bored, and Rika as always in his own little world doodling on an art pad while placing a sticker here and there at random. Behind the trio was an empty auditorium full of chairs for an audience and ahead of them a large stage where the latest try outs for a particular show were on display.

As Tamiki leaned his head against his left hand, he would look over moodily at his mother wondering why she had decided to make their next performance so complicated. He understood keeping a crowd hook and all, but Rika and maybe one or two people were enough to do that. So why did this new plan have to be a freakin’ Broadway production? They had been at this for three days already. Three! The minor cast was picked, but the one to replace Rika in the lime light? Nope. Still trying to find Ms. Perfect.

Even so mother dear was patient as she stuck to her plan of going all out this one... and from that alone it  looked she might have other plans for his brother. Though what that might be was bothersome considering she refused to fill him in on the details and Rika had not a clue what was going on either as far as he knew.

Sighing inwardly, his eyes would drift from his mother over to his brother who was currently trying to make a descision on what sort of sticker he wanted to put on the lopsided Christmas tree he had drawn. Tamiki found it amusing how easily the guy could seemingly block out the world and not seem to give a damn about what was happening. While any normal star would be throwing fits at the idea of having someone take their spot on stage, Rika simply went with the flow. Heh maybe he just did the job for the hell of it rather than out of love. The older twin wouldn’t doubt that of the other.

However, as amusing as all this was, he would find his attention drawn back to the stage as lady number who-knew-what took the stage looking confident and so overly made up that she could’ve been placed in a circus and no one would’ve been able to tell the difference between her and the clowns. Honestly, why did she wear all that make-up? How were they to judge if she was a good fit if they couldn’t even see what she actually looked like? Geez.

In any case, mother was thrilled enough putting her through the ropes of having her perform various things – small skits, dancing, yada yada. She was doing well until she was asked to sing…and that is where everything went wrong. Oh she could sing alright. Sing well enough to make one go deaf that is. When she hit that high pitch on one of the song, the trio before her had various reactions. Oliva would actually make a face and cringe as Tamiki lowered his head and covered his ears as he gave the woman a distasteful look. Rika who had been calm before ended up not only going off the paper, but also snapping the color pencil he had been using clean in half thanks to clenching the thing so hard. A bit distressed, the blonde would looked up at the offending  woman who had finished the note and was now beaming.

“Well did I win you over with that?” the woman would ask with that overly huge grin of hers as she looked from one to the other with barely contained excitement.

“You’ve won a ticket out the door. Take a hike lady!” Tamiki would tell her moodily as he sat back in his chair and jerked his thumb towards the door. That made the woman pull a rather demonic face as she glared at him.

“How dare you say such things to me! The queen of this stage and the best thing that has walked into this place!”

“Yeah. Uh-huh. Look I honestly don’t care what you think. You ain’t fitting the bill so move along,” Tamiki would respond back remaining annoyed and unphased by the woman’s outrage. With a huff the woman would storm away cursing in whatever native language she had.

“My poor color blue,” Rika would mutter as he slouched down moodily and began to play with the broken halves looking like he was contemplating a way to fix the broken item. As he played with the pencil, Tamiki looked his at brother’s hands to ensure he hadn’t cut them with the pieces before looking away.

“Well we can replace the color, but not hearing,” Tamiki stated as he rubbed at his ears. Geez they were still ringing and now...they had another lady on the stage to evaluate. This one was very plain Jane and looked like she was about to cry as she stood there wringing her hands and giving a nervous smile.

Tamiki took note his mother was shuffling papers, but his brother had actually stopped playing with the pencil once he had looked up at the girl. His brother was watching her with a slight tilt of his head to which the girl respond to by waving nervously at him. This automatically got a grin as the blonde folded his hands under his chin and watched her seeming amused by something.

That was unusual. Typically the only reason his brother eyed anything living is if he found it cute or… found said thing or being useful for a project or something... Praying it was not the latter of the cases, Tamiki looked back at the rather plain girl.

“So –“



Tamiki blinked as he was interrupted unexpected by the command from his brother. He would’ve looked at the other, but found himself watching the girl as she quietly nodded and complied…and what a graceful twirl it was. Okay, so she could twirl.


Wait. What did a swan have to do with any – eh?!

Tamiki found his jaw dropping a bit as he watched in amazement  as the girl transformed the twirl into a rather graceful ballet performance that depicted a swan without words. Quite thrilled with his brother giggled as he threw out a few more seemingly random commands, but the girl did not falter.

Whatever word he gave, she transformed into art and when asked to sing, she actually sung. Her voice hypnotizing and appealing to the ear. When it all ended, Rika would clap in delight.

“Very lovely,”he would say and then looking up at her innocently he would ask a rather odd question: “Marry me?”

To this Oliva would choke on her drink, but understanding this particular question Tamiki would smirk as he watched the girl on stage as she looked at Rika trying to search his face for some form of jest; however, it was hard to say what the blonde was thinking when the guy simply stared back with that innocent smile waiting for a reply.

The girl would shake her head as she looked off to the side. She placed hand to her chest looking flattered and bashful all at once.

“You flatter me with your request, but I am afraid I am already taken. See?” she then looked over and showed a ring on her hand to the blonde. To this, Rika eyes would close as he let out a pleased hum. “So humble and loyal too. Very lovely.”

Then reopening his eyes, he would look away from the woman as he stood up, his attitude going from goofy to serious and business like in a flash. Dropping the baby talk and third person referrals, Rika would approach the stage with a confident and graceful stride.

“Okay little miss what is your name and when can you begin working?” the blonde would ask as he approached the stage to speak with the other better.

A bit baffled by the turn of events Oliva would look over at Tamiki.

“He can’t do that. That is my call as manager,” she whispered.

“Oh really?” Tamiki would lean back and give her amused smirk. “Might wanna tell him that then 'cause from my standpoint it looks pretty settled.”

Oliva frowned displeased with that answer. Yeah. She wasn’t going to win there. Seeing the game pretty much set at this point, Tamiki would get up to clear away the signs for the audition outside. They had their winner.

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