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Post by Sharaku on Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:19 am

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”Good cop or bad cop? Why choose? I like both."

The Biography

Birth Name: Green Rex
Aliases: Cop Wolfers; Officer Grex; The Genetic Bastard (as he likes to call himself); Grex (Current Name); Pup pup (annoying nickname used by Max)
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birth Day: 21st October
Species/Race Name: Genetic Mutant (Not a real species)
Original Homeworld Name: Arken
Arcana: Moon ~ Portrayed as two dogs howling at the Moon, around a pool with a lobster in it, with two towers in the background, the Moon Arcana is associated with creativity, inspiration, dreams, madness, illusions, fear, fantasy, the subconscious and trickery.
Place of Residence: Official residence in the Middle Ward; Currently ‘living’ in the Top Ward
Evoker: The fake gun he carries on himself (also used as his side-arm)
Academy Semester: Nope
Class: N/A

Part/Full Time Job: Police Officer

Grex WIP App IHnPXSm

Despite not being very humane in appearance, Grex stands at the height of 5'10" (178cm) and weighs about 121 lbs (55kg). He does have a tendency to slough slightly however, so he may appear a little shorter at times, and he may be seen on all fours occasionally. Grex possesses a wolfish appearance, his coat primarily a darker red, with white on his face, belly and parts of his limbs. Unlike a typical wolf, he also has a long messy mane, adorned in white, with a small area of brown on the front tip of it, which is also seen on the tips of his ears. Grex has strange light red colored eyes which may seem like they have no pupil due to them being one solid color. They also appear to have a slight glow to them. The tall wolf is very often seen with a grin on his face, revealing his sharp canine teeth.

When it comes to clothes, he either doesn't wear any, relying on his own fur or he dons various pieces of clothing here and there. Usually not a full set though, opting to simply put on a piece or two as a form of decoration. He does however wear a leather holster on his right leg all the time, so he can keep his fake gun on him safely.


...just kiddin', mate. Or perhaps I'm not. I bet you'd like to know, but I ain't got no time to be enlightening you about what's a truth and what's a lie every time I open my maw to form words. You know how much time I'd waste doin' that? Yeah, feel free to count that for yourself, while I'm busy maybe or maybe not lyin' to your pretty face. As you can probably tell by now, I'm a pretty shady guy, but the world's a rather cruel place so I think it's fair game to pay it back in whatever way you can do best. And my game's all about doin' what needs to be done. No hard feelings, hopefully. Then again, not like I could really care less about most of you suckers anyway. There's way too much life crawling on the earth for everyone to be held high on the importance scale.

But hey, I'll have you know I'm technically quite the good guy. Bein' a cop, goin' around and defending the law, making a positive reputation for myself. The good stuff in life, you know? Trust me folks, it pays off quite well. What I do outside of that? Well, that's my own business, and if some nefarious deeds 'accidentally' happen behind the scenes, my bad. Or not. I'd need to feel guilty to honestly apologize about that, so perhaps I ain't gonna do it. Right now at least. I'd rather sit here and laugh about your cute idealism, until the entertainment factor runs out. How about that?"

The Potential


Strength Name: Lying Tongue
Grex is a master when it comes to the art of lying. He can do so effortlessly, to the point where lie detectors and the like wouldn't be able to pick up on it at all. If something needs to be covered up or twisted around, you can definitely count on the guy to take the opportunity.

Strength Name: Dual Nature
Utilizing his sly tongue, Grex seems to easily present two different personas without the people who don't need to know finding about it. On one side you have the nice, helpful police officer who does his job to defend the law, and on the other the crooked guy who's willing to go as far as committing murder. It seems he's able to run both halves of his life properly without screwing it up. Unless he wants to mix it on purpose.

Strength Name: Determined Fighter
Grex does not like losing, and will do anything to keep himself in the game. Especially when there seem to be signs of things potentially going south. The game's not lost until you give up after all. In combat, if Grex misses an attack, next turn he gains a 15% damage boost against the enemy he had missed before.

Strength Name: Swift Cop (+10% Luck)
To be a good hunter and a successful cop, you can hardly be a couch potato. Grex has trained his reflexes quite well over the time he has spent as a test subject in his homeworld, as well as during his time working as a cop in Junction. He's certainly capable of reacting fast when need be.

Strength Name: Wolfish Senses
Having the genes of a wolf, Grex has attained an enhances sense of smell and hearing, allowing him to pick up on sounds/scents much more easily than a normal person, as well as track them down when he knows what he's looking for. You're not about to hide from him that easily.


Racial Strength Name: Psycho Howl
With Grex's main original purpose to be a smart and efficient predator, he was created to have a special ability that would allow him to immobilize and catch his targets faster than any normal hunter. Grex can utilize a special type of a howl that lets out sounds which have the capability to paralyze other being's nerve endings and connections for a brief amount of time (about 7 seconds), causing them to most likely fall down and be unable to properly move and run away from him. This can be countered if one knows about it and plugs their ears properly before it happens, or if there is a barrier such as a wall at least 30 cm thick between them without an opening for the sound to get around. In combat, using this ability allows Grex to cast a skill that functions akin to what Static Shock does. It is an AoE skill which has a 30% chance to cause an ailment which makes the next physical attack against said enemy a guaranteed Crit due to paralyzing them and making them easier to hit hard. This can only be used once per battle, and costs 12 SP to do so.


Weakness Name: Lack of Taste
Even though his genes granted him a stronger smell and hearing, one can't expect experimental creations to always go through perfectly. It appears that on the flip side, Grex had ended up with a lack of the ability to taste, which could prove to be trouble if he ever has to consume things without being able to smell them beforehand. It would certainly be a shame to get accidentally poisoned or the like.

Weakness Name: Defense Opening
While a bit of a pain is all swell, Grex's body doesn't take the best to repeated harm happening in a short period of time, causing him to feel the hits more when they come in quick succession instead of being more spaced out. Looks like there are some kinks the lab guys forgot to straighten out. In combat, if Grex gets hit twice in a row with a single target attack, he takes 15% extra damage from the second one.

Weakness Name: Spiritual Ineptitude (-10% SP)
When it comes to genetic make-up, Grex's body is a bit of a mess, resulting in him having a harder time harnessing the energy which would normally allow him to cast magical skills.

Weakness Name: Rough Nature
While his lying skills offer him plenty advantages depending on how he chooses to use them, it does also mean that he cannot always be trusted properly, making his relationships with people harder to develop if they catch onto his shady attitude and style of life.

Weakness Name: Abomination
Not being a recognized species, as well as not having complete knowledge about his full genetic make up puts Grex in a bit of a tricky position. It could mean that medics won't be able to help him if he gets critically injured, or he could accidentally cause weird reactions in people who somehow try to mess with his body somehow. There's a lot that could go wrong when you're a living experiment.

Racial Weakness Name: DNA Rebound
Grex's DNA can be slightly unstable at times, causing him various uncalled for troubles. Foreign forces invading his body appear to weaken him, and cause him to struggle. When Grex is under the effects of any sort of ailment, he automatically takes 20% more damage from attacks that land on him for as long as the ailment lasts or until it is cured. Also, if Grex uses his Psycho Howl ability and fails to land it on any enemy, it affects himself instead.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Skewers
Weapon Description: A couple custom designed throwing knives. They come in red/black colors and have skull designs embedded on them. Their blades are 20cm long.
Weapon Image:
Grex WIP App 8aaa954f2745e4aaee51caa14a602601--throwing-knives-throwing-weapons
Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Element: N/A

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Peg
Side-Arm Description: A sleek, round edged hand gun in the shades of dark gray.
Side-Arm Image:
Grex WIP App A4def3c1bdaead2c70035da970a67494--concept-weapons-hand-guns
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Sniper Rifle - Aimed Shot - Accuracy and crit chance is increased by 20%, bullets also pierce through an enemy and ignore 10% of their PEnd. Takes a turn to charge/aim before able to fire. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.)

The Background


Time to start my ominous story of an existence...

...with me waking up in a lab, only a slight bit smaller in size than I am right now. Yeah, I ain't really a normal being, alright. The world of Arken that I was made at was occupied mostly by humanoid beings, kinda like a fairly typical Earth scenario, you know? Except for one major difference. The wildlife. The animals livin' in this world were on a more advanced intelligence level, as well as ability potential, making it hard for the human-like folks to deal with them properly. Guess the bastards wanted that magical dinner way too much, so they decided to attempt creating their personal superior creatures to help them with huntin'. Hell if I really know how those scientist dudes made it work, but apparently they've managed to successfully combine different genetics and DNA structures to create new types of beings that were never heard of before.

...cue in me. I was in fact their first creation, and subsequently their biggest pride (yeah, cause all the new ones kept turning out stupid and dying way too early for them to be useful. Can't be sure if me being stable enough was a curse or a blessing, really.). They gave me the name Green Rex (don't ask me why, not like I have any green on me. Fancy names though), which eventually got shortened down to Grex for easier usage. I've spent a large chunk of my pathetic excuse of a life livin' in a bare room, being tested and going on hunting missions for those gleeful weaklings. I'll have to say, it was a rather sad era of my life. I do have to give them props for their simple-mindedness though, as it's what let me escape eventually. Was a pretty good day, I'll tell you. It did mean I had to live out in the forests and mud however, which was a little less appealin' after a while. Bleh, what gives. Anything's better than being a dog on someone's leash, ain't it?

I've spent some time just living my life and making sure not to be found while honing my abilities just in case I got in a scruffle. Ain't gonna let them catch me again if I don't have to. I sadly didn't account for a weird tower that crashed through the sky to catch me instead though. Makes you wonder who makes these decisions behind the scenes. Tch. Guess it was alright though. I didn't have to hide as much in this place anymore. Junction, they called it, yes? It's quite the work of art for such a mysterious existence. Regardless, it took a couple years of dragging myself around and sniffing out my options before I managed to land a pretty nifty job. Guess being like a canine gives you plus points for police work. You know, no need for actual dogs to sniff stuff out for you. It's a perfect match up.

But yeah, let us skip ahead a bit, cause I severely doubt you'd care to hear about years of me runnin' around doing cop work while being a shady guy prowling the streets on the side. Not to say I ain't proud of that though. The most recent development that matters is me catching some drug dealer's booty by tricking him into thinking I wanna make deals with him. Being good at blending with the bad guys pays off, trust me boys. Most of them wouldn't expect that kinda tactic, so they fall for it and lose the game. And I get the credit, which is always a good thing. Looks like the mook was a smart-ass though, and didn't let them dig up more on him, so now I'm kinda stuck being his personal watchdog to make sure he stays clean. I kinda don't really care about doing that, but guess I got my image to upkeep, heh.

I suppose that's the life of a guy who sticks his nose into both sides of the game. Up and down...wonder which's next..."


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