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Therapy Session #1: The Naming of Demons

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Therapy Session #1: The Naming of Demons Empty Therapy Session #1: The Naming of Demons

Post by Rika on Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:22 pm

The room is square with windows to the left side of it. These windows are open letting the sunlight in. Natural light to illuminate the room. It was supposed to be soothing to the ones who entered. There is no technology here. Just a long sofa to the far side of the room where a man dressed in black sits. His clothing are neat and tailored to fit him like a glove. His hair is white, layered and shoulder length. His form is human, but this man. He is not human. no . A human would not drink tea in such a calm manner while intently staring at their victim….er patient.

No. Not human. This what Rika thought as he sat in a chair directly across from the man that sat so calmly and quietly across from him. Between them was a table with a tea set and various small foods. A cup of tea had been poured from himself, but the demon didn’t touch it as he watched those silverish grey eyes that studied him so calmly feeling anxiety crawl deeper and deeper into him the longer he stared into eyes. He stared for as long as he could before tearing his eyes away and looking off to the side and towards the windows. He tried to put his focus on the trees outside. The sunlight. The birds. Anything, but he couldn’t concentrate. Couldn’t get his mind to focus because even though he wasn’t looking at the other, he could feel those eyes upon him. Poking and searching him.

It was uncomfortable and made him cross his arms and bite his lip as his left foot tapped nervously on the floor. He honestly wanted to run and just not deal with this at all, but if he did that….if he ran where could he go? Back to isolation and Hell again? Isn’t that why he was here now because he had finally gotten the courage to tell Merk the truth of his issue and actually came to this therapist because he was not human and had a way to deal with issues that humans didn’t? Yes Merk suggested the guy, but….but had he not come here on his own versus just trying to please Merk? Wasn’t he set on being healed? So why was he like this? Shouldn’t he be excited? Happy?

The demon bit his lip harder as unconsciously tightening his grip around himself. This was --

“What are you feeling?”
the voice cut through the whirling thoughts like a sword. It was clear calm and unexpected. Still feeling anxious, Rika would look over at the man who was now sitting leaned back in the sofa his cup resting on the saucer in his lap, but his eyes locked all Rika the whole time. The demon would look the guy up and down shaking his head.

“I don’t know,” he would mumble his eyes flicking away from the other.

“You’re lying. What are you feeling?”
That calm unchanging voice again. It made the demon frown a bit as he rubbed his arm shrugging.

“I really don’t know,” Rika would repeat a bit stronger this time as he refused to make eye contact with the other. There was silence for a bit and then the other was speaking.

“Running away. Such a coward.” The voice was calm and mocking. Shocking even, it made Rika blink a few times before he was looking back at the other baffled.

he would ask not understanding. However, the other wouldn’t so much as crack a smile as he spoke again.

“I didn’t stutter and you heard well enough. Not my fault it is the truth.” The guy would say with a nonchalant shrug. Rika stared at the guy for a moment in utter shock, his eyes searching for something that told him this was a joke, but there was nothing in those merciless mirror like eyes that suggested that.

Rika would continued to stare at the guy, but then slowly but surely the shock would wear off and turn into anger as his eyes narrowed.

“You know nothing about me outside of that paper I signed to come here,” he would say in low tones not hiding his displeasure. However, the man on the other side did not even flinch as he blinked in a slow cat like fashion.

“True, but even so I know runners and cowards when I see them. And you. You fit the bill perfectly,” the man would respond back in that same calm tone that only agitated the demon further.

“Fit the bill the perfectly?” Rika would roll his eyes as he let out a bark of a laugh before his eyes settled on him. “What the hell do you want from me hmm? You want me to spill my guts right away, so you can just pen something down on a pad and give me some generic bullshit and push me on my merry way?” He scoff disgusted at the idea for a few seconds before feeling guilty for even saying the words a second later. The mixture of anger and guilt had him looking away from the guy as he drummed his fingers on the chair, thinking for a bit as he tried to steady his heart rate. But it wasn’t working. The longer he stayed her the more ruffled he got.

After a moment he would stand up and shake his head a bit. “Perhaps this was a bad idea. I don’t we’re good fit. Thank you for your time, but I am going to go now.” Rika would say calmly before heading towards the door.

“You know why you fit the bill of a coward and a runner? Because afraid and won’t admit.” That calm voice would stop him in his tracks as he stared at the door as an internal battle within him began. One side of him was pissed the guy had the nerve to say that to him. He knew nothing about him. Nothing! He had no right to tell him what he was and what he would or would not admit. He was dumb! This whole idea was dumb! He should’ve never wasted his time with this shit! And yet….Another part of him could see the truth in what he said and that side of him wanted mope and curl up in a corner. The cycle of anger and self hate kept him rooted to his spot. It made him tremble and want to just scream in frustration.

He couldn’t leave cause that would prove the guy right about him being a coward and runner, but he couldn’t stay because then he was admitting he was scared. What was he to do? Why was it…?

Rika clenched his hands into fists as the panic hit him, froze him, and pissed him off all at once. He didn’t know where to turn or go and hated every moment of it. The feeling was powerful and for the first time ever he found himself crying before someone that was not Sharaku. And once it started he could not stop as his head bowed and he just stood there sobbing as quietly as he could before the other who watched him.

“Rika. What do you feel?” That voice soft and gentle this time.

“I feel…anger, self hate, pain. Lots of pain and pressure. I want it to end, but it….loops over and over again. I….” Rika would trail off, shaking his head still crying, but unable to speak for the moment. The other in the room would nod quietly at this before standing up and moving to where he could stand a respectful distance from the crying demon.

“Rika. Look at me.”

The calm voice again, but he didn’t want to move or obey. He just….

“Look at me.”

The command once more. Rika would grit his teeth and force himself to turn away from the door and face the other, but he would not lift his eyes.

“Look at me.”
The command even stronger than before. It made him flinch uncomfortably, but slowly he would get his eyes to look at the other and lock on those chilling eyes.

“What do you feel?” That question again. He tried to look away, but that is when the other made an unexpected move. Coming into his space bubble, the guy would reach out and gently force him to look up at him. Out of shock, he couldn’t help but looking back up. “Do you feel fear?” he would ask softly.

Rika would shake his head. “N-no. I feel deep despair. I feel despair.”

The other would seem to relax a bit as he nodded and backed off, drifting back to his seat on the sofa.

“Well then. A name for a demon is a start,” the guy would say before looking towards Rika. “Sit down for a bit and take a well deserved rest. You gonna need your strength if you want to continue.”

Rika would stay where he was for a moment looking at the chair as he let the tears keep flowing to ease that pain. If he sat down there was no turning back. He still had the option to leave, but…

Slowly, but surely Rika would come back to the chair and sit down as he took the moment to calm himself as let himself settle with the fact that he was doing this for himself and while it would probably be hard as hell, he had to do it. Had to try and who knew maybe….just maybe he would be okay in the end. He suppose he would have to wait and see.

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