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Post by Rika on Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:46 pm

"Do I really need a catchphrase to put here?"

The Biography

Birth Name: Lazarus. Just Lazarus. I don't have a last name.
Aliases: Some call me Laz or Lala for short.
Gender: Some think I am a female due to my looks but I am not. I am male.
Age: I lost track of the true number, but I believe by human standards I am 25 in appearance.
Birth Day: I was born on Friday 13th of Dec. The year is long forgotten too. I apologize.
Species/Race Name: They called my kind catskined because we were a people with cat-like traits and behaviors.
Original Homeworld Name: It was Alexia. Though I am unsure if it exists anymore. I've been on Junction for many moons.
Arcana: Hierophant
Place of Residence: Commerical Ward above my shop.
Evoker: I have a small decorated skull that I crush in my hand to tap into my power. Morbid? No just fitting for what I am.
Academy Semester: Never had do this thing called school and don't see the need to start now. I can read and do things just fine without this facility. Though I am far from perfect, so you may find some errors as I write this.
Class: I thought I answered this question above? *thinks* Hmm. Well the answer is still no here too.
Part/Full Time Job: I am the owner of Mermaid's Tear, a weapons specialty shop in Junction. Outside of that I am a Spirit Talker meaning I help people with spirit issues, help spirits with their issues, or just protect the worlds in general from the more malicious spirits. Life can become very hectic because of this. Off to the side, I am a bard, so it is not unusual to find me strumming my lute or singing in my spare time....though I don't get paid or want to be paid for this.

Lazarus WIP NyJHyGw

My looks? Umm. Well I am 5'5" in height and weigh about 125 lbs. I am on the lean side and fit like like an athlete. I am a red head and my hair comes down a little past my waist in mostly straight locks. My eyes are green and my skin is pale for someone who is outside alot. My hands have claws on them that can retract and extend depending on what I am doing or what they are being used for. I have fangs in my mouth and the most distinguishing thing about me of course would be my cat ears and tail. Both are tan in color tipped with white and quite real so please don't pull them.

Oh yes... *rolls eyes a bit*This trait needs to be mentioned I suppose. Due to my "feminine look" some think I am a woman, but that is a whole other story for another day. Umm..what else? Ah! My clothing style right? Well umm... Hmm. *looks down at self and contemplates how to explain.*

I suppose the best way to describe my style is layers. At the base level, I wear all black with a pair of tanned boots with buttons up the side. On top of that, I wear a long tunic that is typically greenish tan in nature and ragged at the ends. It usually comes down so long people may think it a torn dress. It hangs from under another black shirt and an orange color belt that looks like a corset that I wear around the waist and lower chest area. I have orange sleeves on arms and have the tendency to wear a tanish green cloak complete with a hood. Around my neck I wear a black scarf that I use to cover my face sometimes and then I have a longer more colorful scarf on top of that that is at times tangled with my hair.

I may seem like I am wearing too much when I describe it, but I don't look fat from all the layers and I am quite comfortable in the clothing. Do I wear this all the time? No. When I am relaxed at home I have the tendency to lounge in one layer of clothing that is comfortable for me and maybe even pin up my hair if I feel like dealing with it, so there is that.


I am a gentle person for the most part. Soft spoken and a bit shy to be honest; however, despite this I can deal with people and manage to give off an approachable air. I like to help people and to see them smile. I also like to travel, explore new places, eat new foods and just learn in general. My curiosity isn’t out of control like some possessed scholars or what not though. I just explore what interest me most.

People assume because of the way I dress, speak, and live that I am rather old fashion and so religious they cannot so much as breathe the wrong way without something bad happening to them. While it is true I do things the old way and prefer simplicity over complicated contraptions, I am not so against the new that I am out of touch with it. I can handle new technology very well and actually like study, break apart, and put it together again. I like doing that, but I am not so into it that I need every gadget on the market and honestly I like buying stuff that last a good long while.

I don’t have much, but I don’t need much either. As for religion, yes I am spiritual, but I am not going to force my beliefs down your throat and honestly I don’t care what you do as long as you aren’t harming me, my things, or others. If you are doing either above you may find me interfering. While I don’t like fights, I am not afraid to get into one or to defend and I am most certainly am not afraid to finish one if it gets started. Still I prefer to talk things out then result to fists, so I will default to talking versus fists in conflicts.

I am a shop owner that specializes in weapons. I know how to build them and tweak them in ways that many others cannot. While I may not be a huge fighter myself, I do take pride in my work and don’t mind selling things to reasonable people.

I am pretty good at reading people and understanding emotions. I get along well with the living as well as spirits. I can see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and interact with them. I can also fight them with the power with that comes from my songs. Outside of my shop, I am very dedicated to helping people and spirits alike with issues and keeping the malicious spirits in check.

My views are often stuck somewhere between the world of the living and spirits, making my ways of speaking odd and my behavior at times seem like I am in a trance or floating off somewhere. I can be odd to contend with as my views are far from normal or sensical. Some assume I am on drugs because of how out there I can be, but trust me when I say that with the life I live I need no drugs for crazy stuff to happen. After all, I have a spirit that likes to come into my home at all times of night and day for food...and no it is hardly ever dressed appropriately, but that is a whole other tale.

Where was I? Oh yes. So I am in a nutshell: weird as hell; however,  learn how to read my quirky ways and beliefs and we’ll be just fine.  Heh. And no I will not teach you my ways. You figure it out.

Other peculiar things about me? Hm.Hm.Hmmm... let me see here. Okay here are some. So just like a cat I have days when I can be loving and open, but other days when I can be distant and cold. I do not like to be touched or petted without permission. I do not like my ears and tail pulled or touched without permission. I may have cat traits, but please keep in mind I am a person and not some animal you can treat anyway you like.

I do bite, scratch, hiss, growl and purr to show various degrees of pleasure or displeasure. I do have a habit of rubbing against those I am comfortable with or if I am cuddling with someone I trust. Also, I may look like a woman and if you call me ma’am or such, you’ll find I’ll play right along until I get bored with the game and give you the truth when least expected. I love a good distressed face, so don’t disappoint me now okay  ^_~?  

As you can see I am no saint despite what others say and I don’t pretend to be. Another thing to note, is while I have given what seems like a ton of information on myself, I’ve only given you the surface. If you want to know me then interact with me and see if you can find out just who I am really yourself.

The Potential


Strength Name: Quick Feet
Description: I am quick on my feet able to dodge and react quicker to danger than most. So I get a +10% boost to my luck.

Strength Name: Artistic Hand
Description:I have an eye for art able to take ordinary things such as clothes, clay, pen and paper and more and create beautiful and elaborate designs with them. I do this for fun and many things you'll find in my temporary homes are pieces that I have made this includes the home itself.

Strength Name: Weapon Master
Description: Despite how I may seem, I have a deep appreciation for weapons and I see them as art. As a result, I am well versed in tweaking and building weapons of all sorts whether it be simply adding a new addition to them or building a design from scratch. I like the challenge this sort of work gives.

Note: This strength allows Lazarus to run the shop Mermaid's Tear which is an shop that specializes in tweaking
and upgrading guns and soul bound weapons.

Strength Name: Cat Like
Description: Due to being a cat in a fashion I have the cat's flexibility, reflexes and acrobatic skills. I am also a good climber and hunter too.

Strength Name: Heightened Senses
Description: Also connected to my more animal side my senses are heightened. I can hear things others cannot, have a strong sense of smell, taste, and touch. Also a sixth sense so to speak to even feel energies all around. In a nutshell, it makes it very hard to sneak up on and don't think you can hide in the dark either. I can see you quite clearly you know?


Racial Strength Name: Spirit Talker
Description: I was born with an ability that is best broken down like so:
1) I am able to perceive spirits in my vicinity. Just stated above. I can feel (as in presences), touch, see, taste (like if he bites it or something), hear, and smell spirits.

2) I can project my spirit from my body to interact with the plane of existence which the spirits reside as interact with it as if it were my own world. Think of this as an astral projection of myself into their world. I only have a time limit of ten minutes in their world.

3) While I am doing this, I cannot control my body, and it is rendered vulnerable.

4) Spirits are vulnerable to to me.

5) While I can hear them I can only understand spirits that speaks languages I know which is common tongue.

6) In addition to this, by touching a spirit, or items of importance to them, I may have a vision. These visions communicate important things about the spirit they are relevant to the spirit. These visions do not provide full stories they are snippets or very short movies in the mind that give hints and clues as to what the spirit may be pointing at or trying to tell to tell me.

7) Due to this, in a battle situation this makes me strong against alignments.


Weakness Name: Ouch
Description: While I am quick on my feet if I do manage to get hit, I don't take well to the blow. My body feels a bit more pain than the average person so I take +10% damage when struck by physical skills.

Weakness Name: My Hideous Art
Description: People say my art is beautiful and wonderful; however, a good chunk of it I hate and only see ugliness and imperfection there. People believe I have so little pieces to show because I work so long on them. The truth of the matter is I trash or hide a good deal of incomplete work. They are unfit to be proud of just like many of my unfinished songs. Perhaps I am a bit of a perfectionist or maybe just too self critical. I don't like to show these pieces and find myself becoming agitated and aggressive when poked to do so or if someone happens to stumble upon these nightmares. Also incomplete work that has been viewed must be hidden and redone....even if it was something I was pleased with. I honestly don't know why this happens, but that is there. Whatever it is.

Weakness Name: You are the competition
Description: As a result of being a shop owner, the competition around me is not so kind and as a result jack their prices up a bit to keep me from getting rich without something to keep me in check. I have to pay 10% extra for any goods I buy in other stores. I honestly think they believe I am rich and milk me for money I clearly do not have. Strange world.

Weakness Name: Cat Like
Description: Along with my cat like abilities comes the oddness. I purr, growls, hiss, bare fangs and claws, bite, scratch, and even have the mood swings of a cat. I can be sweet as pie one minute and not wanting to be bother the next. I can also be stubborn and independent. I also have a habit of rubbing against people just like a cat would if I am is comfortable with them or trust them enough to let them cuddle with me. This can result in some uncomfortable situations for most since my behavior and ways are often times a hard to pick apart and are far from normal. Also it doesn't help I look mostly human, so yeah. Always fun times when these behaviors show up.

Weakness Name: Overload
Description: People think having all these heightened senses are cool, but I can tell you now they have a price. Too much of anything: sound, light, smells, flavors, things you have too touch, energy in an area - all of this can drive me batty and disorient me really badly. It causes headaches and queasiness and sometimes I have to simply leave a place lest I risk being truly sick or passing out. So yes, it is nice perk these senses, but the perk comes with much responsibility.


Racial Weakness Name: Spirit Talker
Description: Some people assume that because of my ability, I am powerful; however, that couldn’t be far from the truth. Let me lay the other side down for you to paint a better picture.

1)Due to being able interact with and communicate with spirits, I can’t shut them out. I cannot stop hearing the voices or seeing them or knowing they are there. Their existence while nice is sometimes tormenting cause it is always there. Threatening sometimes to push me right over the edge.

2) I may be able to go to their world, but I have a time limit for a reason. If I fail to leave that world which works on very different rules and times, within in the ten limits. I can be forever stuck there and have no way back to my body….in a nutshell. I’d be dead in the living plane and in limbo in the land of spirits.

3) On the flip side, my body in the physical plane or the real world is vulnerable. I can feel what is being done to it and be yanked back without warning if it is in danger. Being yanked back so suddenly leaves me vulnerable in another way as I am often disoriented and weak with the only thing driving me is my instinct to survive.

4) Similarly, I am in danger from spirits, or anything that could harm them.

5) Spirits that do not speak the common tongue require extra work on my part. I have to actually sit down and spend time with the spirit learning their language. The more time spent with them, the more I learn the language. While helpful the time it can take can make more pressing matters a bit more tricky when I have no time to learn it and instead have to use other out of the box methods to figure it all out drawing out some cases longer than others. Also if you are thinking I can learn these languages beforehand you are wrong. The spirit language is so vast and varied that I won’t know what they actually speak or do until it is revealed to me. I am not psychic you know.

6) Possession... this is the biggest risk I run into when having such a power. Spirits...if strong enough can possess me. When in this state, I am completely controlled by a spirit and whatever they may be up to I may very well do. I can fight back and get them out of me, but the process does wear me down considerably forcing me to rest or if I must go forward, I move a lot slower than usual.

7) Due to this, in a battle situation if I am hit by an alignment then I suffer from it one post longer than the average joe.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Lute
Weapon Description: My lute is about the size of a classic guitar. It has multiple strings upon it that spread over its wide oval bottom, the notes vibrating in the hole cut there to produce sound. Following the strings upward, the neck thins out until it dips in a curve near the top before straightening again. While it mimics the lutes, I use daily, this one is different in the fact that the notes I pluck turn into attacks that harm foes. On top of that if it came up against a sword or other item, it can block it without taking any damage to its strings and such. It also makes a nice whacking tool for things that gets too close. It is a very nice lute.
Weapon Image: A reference picture of my lute if you need one.
Weapon Attack Type: Strike
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Lute
Side-Arm Description: Pretty much it is the same as above. The only difference is the song played upon the lute. This song is a bit more sharper in tone than the one I use to perform regular attacks with thus the energy released has a different feel. Instead of smacking hard into a thing, the energy becomes biting and powerful just like a gun's bullet.
Side-Arm Image: NA
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Shotgun - Scatter Shot - Accuracy is decreased by 30%. Consumes 3 types of ammo at once to fire -must be same type of ammo. Can shoot all enemies with one attack.

The Background

History: I came from a world named Alexia. I was born as a Spirit Talker so I did not know my parents. I was given to the priest and priestess of our village who raised and taught me all the ways of the world from a religious standpoint versus a common one. I was not allowed to do any of the normal things children of my kind did like learn to hunt or play or climb. I was taught to look pretty and be pampered offering wisdom and guidance to the people through my ability to communicate and interact with spirits. I stayed behind closed walls 12 years of my life. At the age of 12, I was sent to Mt. Ola where the current Spirit Talker resided. It was here I was to live the remainder of life connected fully with Gardens of Spirits. I suppose, I was to become an outlet for the gods to speak through, but it was something that I did not do because I desired it, but rather because it was something I was told I had to do.

Perhaps it was because of my desire to travel and use my abilities to help others outside of the village that our village was visited by the Folk of Yar, malicious shadow like creatures that were neither dead nor alive. They came in droves to torment the people and so the people cried out to the Spirit Talker for help. My master rose to the occasion, but the amount of power and energy used to keep such a force at bay slowly drained and killed her. The event was scarring watching her turn into a withered creature, then a skeleton, and then nothing. I didn’t want to become that, but I couldn't leave my people, so when she died I took her place, but unlike her my power was much too weak and the Folk of Yar invade the village forcing the people to flee to the Mountain to seek refuge and my protection, but I could not protect them. It was only a matter of time before the Folk came up the mountain for us. I watched many people fade from existence that day and in the end the only reason I survived was because despite my powers being weak due to my selfish desires, there was one that warrior that kept his faith me always.

It was this warrior that led me away from the mountain when all had fallen, who protected me as we ran for dear life from those beasts, who just when we found hope in the form of a strange city shoved me to safety and sacrificed himself to keep the Folk at bay. The Folk devoured him, but did not come into the city after me. As for myself...I could not escape the city once I was in. I became lost in its mazes and then was found exhausted and disoriented some time later by officers of the place. I was given shelter and a number. I was allowed to exist and heal in this strange city I was in, but it took a while as I dealt with both survivor’s guilt and guilt that I could not protect my home nor would be a second chance to make what I did right. This city I found myself in removed itself from my world and began traveling elsewhere.

While I healed slowly and adapted to this new world, I found myself always hoping to get back home to undo what was surely my fault, but no….The city kept moving never going back to the same place twice. has been my home for many moons now and while I still carry the cross of my past with me, I have learned to move forward doing what I can to strengthen my skills by helping the people and spirits of Junction with my power instead. I am always working so maybe if I do return home, I can finally lay my cross down and put all those souls to rest….


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Post by Rika on Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:22 pm

Done at last

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